GOT7’s Bambam Drop Mini Album “B”

In June 2021, GOT7’s BamBam released his first solo mini album, titled ‘riBBon’. And just yesterday on the 18th, Bambam yet again; dropped his second mini album titled ‘B’. 

Previously, he released the pre-single ‘Who are You’ featuring RED VELVET’s Seulgi, which broke records.

The new album’s title track, “Slo Mo”, expresses the story of melting slowly into one’s own world. The visuals and colors of the music videos of ‘Slow Mo’ and ‘riBBon’ are the same, with flashy pastel colors. As opposed to riBBon, however, ‘Slow Mo’ is a lot more mellow and slow.

The rest of the tracks in the album are as great as ‘Who Are You’ and ‘Slow Mo’. One special track, Bambam revealed, was meant for Ahgases called ‘Let Me Love You’.

He explained writing this song for the fans because he felt that he has always received so much support and encouragement from them. Bambam had wanted to return the feeling.

Here are the full lyrics:

Bambam’s 2nd Mini Album

To celebrate the release of the mini album, Bambam held a live broadcast, “BamBam 2nd Mini Album [B] ONLINE SHOWCASE.” It consisted of both performances and unboxing of the physical album.

Get this: during the showcase, Bambam actually spoiled a GOT7 comeback. He implied that a date has already been specified because he “couldn’t tell us when that will be”.

Bambam’s “B” also achieved these so far:

Congratulations to Bambam!

Watch the music video for ‘Slow Mo’ here:

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