GOT7 Celebrates Their 8th Anniversary By An OT7 Instagram Live

January 16th will mark the 8th year since GOT7 debuted with their iconic “Girls Girls Girls”. 

In celebration, all of the members turned on their Instagram lives and had a nice chat with each other and their fans. Prior to this, leader JAY B has said on his radio that they will be doing a live concert of some sort to celebrate. However, it was very vague and there was no time indication as to when that is.

30 minutes before the clock struck 12 KST, it was announced in every IGOT7’s Instagram notifications that marktuan is going live now with and 333cyj333. The live show revealed JAY B and Jinyoung together whilst the maknaes, Bambam, Youngjae and Yugyeom gathered with Jackson on the phone. In Los Angeles, Mark is up at 7 AM.

As the live is happening, Twitter fans caused some noise by sending these hashtags on the Worldwide trends. 

Fans were not only excited but they were also very emotional, as many GOT7 anniversary edits were made and had many Retweets and Likes.

The live consisted of the GOT7’s members’ messages to the fans as well as their own shenanigans that fans know and love.

Not only that, GOT7 have vaguely hinted that there is music in the works as a group! There are no guarantees when that will be but the members want an album to be put out for the fans.

After the live is over a fan hosted a space called #got7breakdown as they play GOT7’s music. Over 1,600 other fans joined in.

Bambam also posts this:

For GOT7, your fans will always be waiting for you and will keep loving you. We wish nothing but the best for GOT7 as a group and as solo artists. 

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