Got Leftovers? Here Are Smart Ways To Use Them.



Wasting food is a menace that has plagued the world for a while. There are always going to be leftover foods, whether from a guest that didn’t show up at last or a miscalculated recipe. What matters is how they’re used.


Below are some ways to use leftovers instead of throwing them out.


  • Combine leftover rice and vegetables to make fried rice.
  • Plus, mix leftover avocado with mayonnaise, chopped onions, a slice of lemon, and chopped onions. Store it in an airtight container to be used as a spread later.
  • Pour leftover rice into hot soups, and enjoy a hearty meal! be it a chicken, vegetable, or fish soup. You’d be sure to have a filling meal.
  • Leftover vegetables can be frozen and turned into a puree later.
  • Cut leftover chicken or steak into pieces, and it is just right to serve as a filling, along with veggies and spices, for a sandwich.



  • Leftover cooked chicken or steak can also be diced, and used for stirfry.
  • Turn leftover boiled yams into a delicious dish of pottage, spiced with meat and vegetables.
  • Crush leftover or broken chip cookies, store in an airtight bag, and use as sprinkles or toppings for desserts.
  • Try using those brown bananas to make smoothies. Yummy! They’re really creamy and you don’t need to add sugar, as brown bananas are naturally sweeter than normal bananas.


In a nutshell, try to be as creative as possible. Treat every leftover as an ingredient for another meal.

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