GoStore, GOJEK’s Online Storefront That Needs More Recognition

GOJEK, a unicorn Indonesian company, has been a huge help with Indonesian economic value since 2019. GOJEK is currently known for its online transportation, food delivery, and cashless payment services. They even provide online bill-paying services for utilities such as electricity and the internet. Gojek couldn’t stop developing and gaining a new idea to help locals enlarge their businesses. According to GOJEK, out of 64.2 Enterprises, only 13 % of them have gone digital with their selling. In order to support that, GOJEK works with MOKA to create GoStore.

GoStore was launched on the 9th of December 2020. GoStore allows small enterprises to have their own website through MOKA. They just need to register their business through MOKA on https://www.mokapos.com/jualan-online/gostore then create their own website.

To get more exposure, users can also sync their online website on GoStore to Facebook Shop, Google Shopping, and Instagram Shop. Since business owners are instructed to create their own website, their products won’t be mixed with products from different stores.

Image Credit: GoStore by GOJEK


These websites are easily made and it takes only a matter of minutes. GoStore provides flexible and safe payment methods for the customer, through mediums such as GoPay or Debit cards. They also allow for delivery with GoSend and other couriers as well. GOJEK being GOJEK, they also offer many cashback options and discounts to attract more customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Not only is GOJEK helping small enterprises with access to go digital with their sales, but they are also helping increase the Indonesian Economic rate.

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