Google’s Top 5 Most-Searched Recipes in 2021

Have you tried one of these recipes?


By 2021, people will prefer to make their own food at home during this pandemic. Some people have taken this chance to improve their cooking skills and try new recipes. People also shared their own recipes on social media. Out of the blue, the recipe went viral, and everybody was tempted to try the recipe.

You can find one recipe below that may suit your taste, from sweet to savory recipes. Here are Google’s top 5 most-searched recipes through 2021.

TikTok Pasta

We can say that TikTok is the source of the viral dish recently. One of which is baked feta pasta, which is topped with much feta cheese. This delicious yet simple dish only needs 4 ingredients: pasta, tomatoes, feta cheese, seasoning, and herbs. Just mixes all of the ingredients, except feta cheese, combine it well, then put the block of feta cheese in the center and bake it for several minutes. Your cheesy pasta is ready to serve.

Baked feta pasta has been famous since February. As time went by, another pasta recipe popped out by July and replaced the rich feta cheese pasta with pasta chips. You just have to cook your pasta in an air fryer and eat it like potato chips, easy-peasy!

Bacon Jam

Gordon Ramsay’s bacon jam went viral on TikTok in May. This toast companion is not something special. Ramsay added an egg onto his bacon jam toast. Just with a bit of touch, this not-so-popular topping gained popularity. The combination of bacon, onions, and sugar will become a must-try recipe by 2021. Sweet and savory jam for your toast, sandwich, or maybe a burger.


Birria Tacos

The upgraded version of birria, a Mexican beef stew, hits social media with birria tacos recipe. A layer of tortilla filled with beef from the stew and grilled until the tortilla gets crispy, with a crisp exterior and tender meat inside, this mouth-watering dish may tempt you to make it.


Crockpot Chicken

Cooking with a crockpot is a trend in 2021, especially slow-cooking chicken recipes. Chicken cooked in a crockpot makes juicy chicken and is pretty delicious. More importantly, it is easy to cook; you just need to put your chicken and seasoning in the slow cooker, then cook it for several minutes. You don’t need to flip the chicken or mess around with your kitchen. Just simply put and cook.



The triangular pastry got a lot of attention in 2021. Filled with jam, this treat is usually served on Purim, the Jewish holiday, every March 16th until 17th. Hamantaschen must be popular because someone shares this sweet on TikTok. Aside from jam, this treat can also be filled with chocolate, dulce de leche, or cheese.

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