Google Takes The Covers Off The New Google Pixel Watch


On May 11th, Google introduced to us several new Google devices heading our way, such as the Pixel 6a, Pixel Buds Pro, Pixel Tablet, Pixel 7, and last but not least, the Pixel watch.


Unlike the other devices Google introduced, the Pixel watch gets the spotlight, considering it’s Google’s first-ever smartwatch to be released. The smartwatch will consist of several features, such as Fitbit, which will have the capability to monitor heart rate, exercise tracking, and also sleep monitoring.


You can also use the watch as a form of contactless payment, have Google assistant, and use the Google play store.


Pricing rumors?


According to an article written by James Peckham of TechRadar, the pricing for the watch was leaked to be somewhere at around $300 (£240). However, we can’t really verify the actual price of the product since there hasn’t been an official announcement as of yet by Google.


Google Operating system


Nearly all tech companies have been making smartwatches for a while now, but what makes Google watch superior to the other smartwatches?


Here’s the selling point for Google. Unlike Apple, which loves to keep its users in their little ecosystem, Google operating system in the device allows users to connect different android devices they have to the watch.


We’re talking about devices like Oneplus, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, and many more android phones that the Google watch can connect to. However, the only flaw I found for the device is that it won’t have the capabilities to connect to Apple devices. Sorry to all you Apple users out there.

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