Google Reportedly To Develop Android Games On PC Without Emulator



Last December, Google announced it would be bringing apps on Google Play Games to more platforms, including Windows-based PCs. The plan was finally realized and is now entering the beta testing stage.


Currently, the beta trial of Google Play Games on Windows PCs is only available in three countries, namely Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan. Each user who participates in this stage is allowed to play 25 popular games, including “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang”, “Summoners War”, “State of Survival: The Joker Collaboration”, and “Three Kingdoms Tactic”.


The presence of Android games on Windows PCs is good news for mobile gamers who want to play the Google Play Games application on large screen devices. Because so far Android users have to use emulators to play games on their Windows laptops.


With this breakthrough, Windows PC users will be able to search, download, and play Android mobile games on their Windows-based PC. Users can also sync their Google Play Games accounts on smartphones, tablets, Chromebooks, laptops, and Windows PCs. As a result, game sessions previously accessed on smartphones and tablets can be resumed on Chromebook devices and PCs through the same account.


The advantage for Windows PC users

The presence of Google Play Games specifically for PC is claimed to bring several advantages, such as being able to display game gameplay on a larger screen, ease of control using the help of a keyboard and mouse, and flexible accessibility. Like Google Play Games on Android, users of this service will also be able to collect rewards in the form of Google Play Points. This new Google Play Games service is different from cloud gaming.


This means that users still need to download the games they want to play on Chromebook devices, laptops, and Windows PCs. Because it will only be conducting a trial phase, Google still hasn’t announced a definite schedule regarding the presence of the Google Play Games service specifically for PCs. However, this service will certainly be available publicly this year.


“Starting in 2022, players will be able to enjoy their favorite Google Play-based games on more devices: like phones, tablets, Chromebooks, and soon to follow on Windows PCs,” Google Play spokesperson said.


Will be available on Windows 10 or 11

Google has confirmed that the presence of the Google Play Games application on Windows-based PCs is not a collaboration with Microsoft as announced some time ago during the launch of Windows 11. Previously, Microsoft itself had partnered with Amazon to bring the Amazon application store on Windows 11 computers. In addition to applications, this Amazon store also has several games that run on Android smartphones.


Later, the application on Google Play Games is not only available on Windows 11, but on Windows 10 and the latest version. However, the specifications for a PC or laptop that is compatible with Google Play Games are not yet known.

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