Google Announces an Update That Will Revive Deleted Pixel 6 Feature

If you’re a current user of Google Pixel 6, you must have noticed that the Google Photos application installed in your device has this one major feature that can delete unwanted objects or people in the background from your photos. It’s called Magic Eraser.

According to some users, they couldn’t access the Magic Eraser tool on Photos right after updating the app to the latest version. One user even reported that despite being inaccessible, the tool button was still displayed.

However, this broken version of Photos has been removed from the app store with APK Mirror confirming that it was indeed available to be downloaded for quite some time. So, if you haven’t updated your Google Photos, rest assured that the tool is still accessible to users.

Google spokesperson Alex Moriconi stated that the company did recognize a problem with the latest Photos update in its early stage and is working to get it fixed shortly. The issue doesn’t affect every user though and it’s evident from how two staff from The Verge testified that they could still use the eraser tool because they didn’t get the app updated.

The error stunned quite a number of Pixel 6 users as the Magic Eraser tool is one of Google Pixel 6’s unique selling points. If you’re one of those users, sit back and relax. Help is coming your way.

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