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good morning. The main article that was published yesterday, April 3, 2023 is as follows.



NHN comico, which operates “comico”, posted a final loss of 1,545 million yen for the fiscal year ending December 2022, and the deficit widened.

NHN PlayArt, final profit of 1.4 billion yen with a 33% decrease in final profit for the fiscal year ending December 2020 Operates “LINE: Disney Tsum Tsum” and “Yokai Watch Puni Puni”

GungHo Subsidiary Super Trick Games Develops “DEATHVERSE: LET IT DIE”

PocketRD, final loss of 60 million yen for the fiscal year ending October 2022, shrinking the deficit Developing an XR business using 3D avatars and WEB3 technology

cocone v operates “Hange”, “Pure Anista” and “Chocot Land” with a final profit of 67 million yen, with a 50% decrease in final profit for the fiscal year ending December 2022

Summary of Financial Results (March 27-31)


[Finance and other business information]

[Overview of Game Stocks (4/3)]Capcom, which has concluded a comprehensive patent cross-licensing agreement with Colopl, hits a new high.

[Personnel]Melcoin CPO Keita Nakamura appointed as CEO

[Human Resources]E Guardian Hiroshi Tokumaru appointed as Group CISO (Chief Information Security Officer)

[Personnel]Star Music Entertainment, Shinya Uchida appointed as Director and CMO, Shinsuke Iku appointed as Executive Officer and CTO

Sun Electronics acquires 198,300 shares for 424 million yen in March 2011 share buyback… Remaining acquisition limit is 1,421 million yen, 434,900 shares

YUKE’S will not buy back its own shares in March 2023… Remaining acquisition quota is 214 million yen, 340,300 shares

TV Tokyo HD acquires 59,100 shares for 138 million yen in share buyback in March 2011… The remaining acquisition quota is 561 million yen and 238,300 shares

Nexon acquires 3,379,600 shares for 10,161 million yen in March 2011 share buyback… Remaining acquisition limit is 5,632 million yen, 10,028,500 shares

Mobile Factory acquires 19,400 shares for 17 million yen in March 2011 share buyback… Remaining acquisition limit is 64 million yen, 56,000 shares

[Stocks]Capcom hits new highs Comprehensive patent cross-licensing agreement with COLOPL serves as evaluation material Interest in strong performance of Resident Evil RE:4

Kodansha Game Creators Lab, From May 1st, From “Once Every 3 Months” to “Constant Recruitment” Newly Established “Fellows”

Bushiroad Move has unveiled the teaser visual, teaser PV, and main cast of the movie “Re:STARS ~Two Kiraboshi Connecting to the Future~”!

Nintendo establishes joint venture “Nintendo Systems Co., Ltd.” with DeNA today Corporate website also released

Sega introduces the “Family Support Plus System” from July 1, which supports childcare and nursing care for domestic employees

“Alice Gear Aegis Expansion” will start broadcasting from April 3rd Episode 1 synopsis & precedent cut ban in-game Commemorative campaign

FuRyu provides all employees with an “inflation allowance” as a special lump-sum payment in response to the recent rapid rise in prices

[What day is it today?]Evangelion Battlefields Production Committee resumes service for “Evangelion Battlefields” (April 3, 2020)

Colopl, TV anime “Alice Gear Aegis Expansion” officially decided for global distribution! “Sentai Filmworks”, “SMG HOLDINGS”, “Medialink Entertainment Limited”



Game magazine operated by Baka, “Masatsu no Noel” Season 12 released on Steam

Summary of New Articles (March 27-31)



MAGES. will release the 3rd Nintendo Switch/PS4 software “The Quintessential Quintuplets ~Five Promises to Exchange with Her~” on September 7

Drecom to release Adult Prank RPG “Dachimen Densetsu G” in May 2023

Nexon starts pre-registration for “Blue Archive” for China Yostar subsidiary publishes import approval from authorities last month?

CTW, “In another world with a smartphone. The number of pre-registrations for “Happiness Cradle” has exceeded 100,000! Additional rewards have been decided!

Summary of pre-registration articles (March 27-31)



[GooglePlay (4/3)]”(2.5th Anniversary) Colorful Festival Gacha” “Proseca” ranked 5th, “Arknights” surged to 16th

[App Store (4/3)]”Puzzle & Dragons” ranked 2nd in “10 Magic Stones! Super God Festival” and “100 Magic Stones + Fes Limited Gacha x 5″ New SSR[Sorrow and Anger Runaway]”Dokkan Battle” featuring Kale (Runaway) is ranked up 43!


[End of service]

Silbird to end service for “DanMachi -Cross Istria-” on April 29, 2023

[The moment the service ends]Bandai Namco ENT “Gundam Area Wars”… The 11-year war ends here! Players who survived the battlefield see tears of time

Service end article summary (March 27-31)



GENDA GiGO Entertainment will hold a collaboration project for “Idolmaster Shiny Colors” celebrating its 5th anniversary at GiGO group stores from April 15th.

Vanillaware has released a report on the exhibition and product sales event “Vanillaware 20th Anniversary Fes” commemorating its 20th anniversary.

ThinkingData releases “ThinkingEngine 4.0” with updated dashboard UI and UX and various functions

Mapbox, map development platform “Mapbox” adopted as base map for Koei Tecmo’s smartphone location information game “Nobunaga’s Ambition Departure”



CROOZ Blockchain Lab and gumi Release Blockchain Game “Ergosum” Official Site

BLC/NFT/Metaverse Article Summary (March 27-31)

OneSports will hold the “Tresaka Championship” to determine the world No. 1 in the blockchain game “Tresaka J League”



Square Enix, “FINAL FANTASY XIV” next major update patch 6.4 “Sinner of the Throne” will be released in late May!

Mint Flag, AI English learning app “Magna and Mysterious Girl” that you can continue to enjoy with animation and games is completely free

MIXI, “Monst” gacha “Water Feast” will start from 12:00 on April 4th.

BANDAI NAMCO ENT, “Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle” “Sakura Dance! Spring DOKKAN Campaign” is being held

Sega and Colorful Palette Add “My Love is Hellfire” as a Rhythm Game Song for “Project Sekai”

Square Enix, “DQ Tact” holds “Spring Gourmet Manyuuki Flower over Dango!” Event limited A-rank character “Slime Pudding”

Sukueni launches “War God Togami Hime SP Scout” with “DQ Tact” Picks up S Rank “War God Togami Hime” and A Rank “Dango Slime”

SOFTBANK presents AP and BP drinks to the first 500,000 people in “LINE: Monster Farm Item Gift Campaign”

Bushiroad, “D4DJ Groovy Mix” will hold the 2nd event of the series collaboration & gacha “Continued Box Story”


campaign informationhere.

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