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good morning. The main articles published yesterday, March 10-12, 2023 are as follows.



[Series project: DONUTS GAMES Research Institute 22]Creating a game development organization aiming for No. 1 and its path



HEROZ’s third quarter (May-January) results show a 70% increase in sales, turning to an operating profit of 190 million yen.

gumi’s 3rd quarter (November 2010-January 2011) saw a 28% drop in sales, but an operating profit of 77 million yen, the third consecutive quarter of surplus.

Cookpad, 46 people applied for 40 voluntary retirements 80 additional personnel reduction mainly in overseas departments

gumi’s new work “Sakura Ignoramus” is a contract development project from Marvelous. Aniplex will also participate in “Aster Tatarix”.

Yoke’s posted 18% increase in sales and 36% increase in operating income for the fiscal year ending January 23. AR Live System “ALiS ZERO” contributed to the holding of multiple live performances.

gumi turns profitable with operating income of 501 million yen in the third quarter.

Ateam achieves an operating profit in the second quarter (August to January).

[Summary of financial results (2)]The number of 37 game-related companies with operating losses in the period from October to December decreased by one to 11. BOI, the big hit of “Memento Mori,” turned significantly profitable.


[Finance and other business information]

[Overview of game stocks (3/10)]Tokyo communication is temporarily bought up to 4000 yen CRI middleware recovered to the 4-digit mark since December last year Kayak is pushed by profit-taking selling

“Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” earned over $130 million (17.6 billion yen) worldwide in 2022, making it the genre’s top game Contributing to earnings with the second-largest market share in KONAMI Sensor Tower survey

[Personnel Affairs]Yukes informally appoints screenwriter and scenario writer Shinji Nojima as an outside director effective April 27

Toei Animation decides the design of the shareholder benefit (QUO card) for the fiscal year ending March 2023 New work “Hirogaru Sky! Pretty Cure”, masterpiece “Tiger Mask”, etc.

Cygames, from the TV anime “Shadowverse F”, the synopsis and preceding cut of the 48th episode “That glare will eventually disappear” has been released!

TV anime “Alice Gear Aegis Expansion” key visual and PV released with actresses. Broadcasting and distribution of OVA will also be decided on March 29

[What day is it today?]Cygames launches distribution of classic fantasy RPG “Granblue Fantasy” on Mobage (March 10, 2014)



Outerdawn Releases Goblin Survival City Builder “Goblins of Elderstone” on Steam

Independent game developer Shoma Yorozuya releases frog breeding game “Suguwaru Frog Ikuikuden”

Coly releases download-only software for Switch “Prince Drag and Princess Matori for Nintendo Switch”

Com2uS Japan launches service for “Summoners War: Chronicle,” the latest in the “Summoners War” series… Supports 14 languages ​​and iOS, Android, and PC



CYBIRD has released an official PV where you can enjoy the stills and the theme song sung by Maiko Fujita from the work “Ikemen Villan: Aku no Koi Opens in the Dark Night”.

MAGES. Releases the first PV narrated by Raiha Uesugi (CV: Natsumi Takamori) in “The Quintessential Quintuplets Gotopazu Story” for Switch / PS4

Akatsuki Games releases the first novel of “Witch’s Flow Life”! PV by Inori Minase and Ayaka Nanase is also unveiled for the first time!

X-LEGEND announces the official release date of “Arthur’s Legend -Excalibur-” as March 21st!

Aniplex participates in gumi’s new SRPG “Aster Tatarix” Release date changed from mid-April 2011 to early summer 2013 due to promotion strategy redesign

NetEase Holds a Special Event Commemorating the March 16th Release of New Sensational Mobile Racing Game “Ace Racer” Pre-registration Exceeds 1 Million

Capcom, Hikaru Takahashi will participate in the “automatic commentary / commentary” function of “Street Fighter 6”!

Capcom reveals new information such as “Buster MAX mode”, a new element of “Rockman EXE Advanced Collection”! Includes 499 remodeled cards!

Level-5 releases the latest footage of “Professor Layton and the New World of Steam”!

JOYCITY starts pre-registration for the new survival simulation game “KOF: Survival City” based on the world view of the “KOF” series

Capcom Releases Trial Version of “Resident Evil RE:4”! Commemorative Present Campaign

Capcom to release “Ghost Trick” on June 30th! “Ghost Trick Mystery Solving Kit Toritsuki Box”, which comes with the original mystery solving kit, will also be released at the same time!

Capcom announces the release date of the completely new online team battle type massive action “Exo Primal” on July 14th! OβT will be held from March 17th!



[GooglePlay (3/10)]”Romasaga RS” with “Main Liam Hen Big Battle Festival Part 3” rises to 6th place “2009 Japan National Team” debuts “Prospi A” returns to top 10

[App Store (3/10)]”ONE PIECE Bounty Rush” entered the top 5 in Shanks’ birthday celebration campaign “Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel” added a new selection pack from 69th to 11th


[End of service]

G-mode will end the service of “Digipla Collection Marugoto Railway!” on March 31, 2023

Square Enix will end the service of “The Irregular at Magic High School Reloaded Memory” on August 14, 2023



C4Connect will deliver the official live broadcast of the beautiful girl RPG “Idle Girl” “Thank you for your generous love and neglect” from 20:00 on March 12

Cygames will deliver “Shadobus Channel SP 26th New Card Pack Release Commemorative Live Broadcast” on full-scale smartphone e-sports “Shadowverse” from 19:00 on March 18

EXNOA will deliver an official live broadcast commemorating the 7th anniversary of “Oshiro Project: RE” on March 18th! Future update information will be announced

ChinaJoy 2023, China’s largest game show, will be held from July 28th to 31st! This time, celebrating its 20th anniversary, the BtoB area will be strengthened and a participation promotion campaign will be held!


Bushiroad releases the second edition of its trading card collection today!



Double Jump, Action RPG “DARK THRONE” Participates in Oasys’ Layer2 Blockchain “HOME Verse”

gumi is developing 6 blockchain games such as “Funkyll” and “Bureflo”, and the world’s leading IP also reveals the pipeline and distribution schedule including NFT

gumi transfers shares in gumi X studio and gC Games to gC Labs, a subsidiary that oversees the blockchain business Changed the names of both companies to become domestic and overseas business promotion bases

Minto and amana launch a new project Contents and business development that combines “Usagiun!” with Web3 and street culture



Square Enix to hold “3.5th Anniversary WALK Fes” at “Dragon Quest Walk”!

Cygames, “9th Anniversary Gacha Set” & “9th Anniversary Skin Set” appear in “Granblue Fantasy”!

BANDAI NAMCO ENT Holds “Kuzuboshi One Scoop Chiyoko/Sakuya Stamp Gasha” at “Shanimas”

Square Enix holds a special sale for the smartphone version of “Dragon Quest IV: The Guided”… 2,400 yen ⇒ 33% off 1,600 yen

DeNA launches campaign in March with browser app “SkyLeap” specializing in 9th anniversary “Granblue Fantasy”! Access CP where you can get 200 gems every day

Wright Flyer Studios and Key will hold a new story event “Oshimaya Monogatari” in “Heaven Burns Red”! !

Cygames, “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” race event “Champions Meeting Pisces Cup” will be held from 12:00 on March 14th

MIXI, “Monster Strike” gacha “Geki Jyushinsai” will be held! Geki Jyushinsai limited characters including “Memory” appear

Cygames, “Princess Connect! Re: Dive” has started a pickup gacha featuring the new character “Monica (Cafe)”!

Cygames Holds “2nd Anniversary Campaign 3rd” with “Uma Musume” … Earn luxurious rewards such as “2nd Anniversary SSR exchange ticket” and jewels

Yostar, “Azur Lane” will hold a limited-time event “Labyrinth of Revival (reprint)” light version

Wonder Planet, “Crash Fever” x “Alice Fiction” collaboration!

C4Connect, “Idle Girl” MR new avatar “Spring Breath Yokihi (cv. Ai Kakuma)” will be available from noon today!


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