Golf Games You Can Play Online with Friends


If you can’t seem to have an opportunity to play golf with your friends offline, you can just play golf games online!


Sure, it won’t be the same but you can still have fun with your friends online and even experience different game modes you can have with golf and experience different maps!


Here are online golf games that you can play!


Golf with your Friends

Source: Blacklight Interactive (Steam)

Just like the name, play mini-golf with up to 12 friends and challenge them through different fast-paced courses from a range of different maps that have difficult obstacles and paths! Unlock cosmetics and trails along the way to customize your personal golf ball. Annoy your friends by turning collisions all or try and become the first on the leaderboards!


Golf It

Source: Perfuse Entertainment (Steam)

Although similar to Golf with your Friends, Golf It features similar gameplay with different maps and a more casual and relaxed feel. With beautifully decorated maps, Golf It will surely give you relaxing gameplay with friends. You can also use different clubs and build your own map!


Golf Gang

Source: Lazy Monday Games (Steeam)

A more different approach to mini-golf, this game incorporates both mini-golf and racing. Means you have to finish the fastest but have the least strokes at the same time to get the highest points! Play with up to 8 friends for chaos to ensue, especially with collisions on!


Walkabout Mini Golf VR

Source: Mighty Coconut (Steam)

Immerse yourself in a beautiful virtual world of mini-golf. Hardcore golfers and casual players are both welcome as the game introduces “extremely realistic physics” for the perfect experience. This game is available in 3D and VR for the maximum experience!


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