Golden Closet Film: A Masterpiece By BTS’ Jungkook


BTS’ Jungkook is known as the ‘golden maknae’ or the youngest who is excellent in everything. He is the main vocal of BTS, lead dance, sub rapper, and the center of the group—in terms of stage choreography and official standing position.


There is nothing that he cannot do, literally. He is good at art, exercise, music production, songwriting, and so on. You name it, and Jungkook will do it.


In the first season of In The Soop—a BTS reality show—Jungkook painted two scenery portraits that left his band members in shock because of the result.



But do you know that Jungkook has a big interest in cinematography and video editing too?


To show his love of cinematography, he made a series called Golden Closet Film (GCF), a series of the footage that he shot in between his schedule or during the holiday. GF is directed, shot, and edited by Jungkook himself. To date, there are 7 GCF uploaded on BANGTANTV Youtube Channel.


G.C.F in Tokyo


This is the first G.C.F that Jungkook uploaded on November 8, 2017. This G.C.F is more like a travel diary of Jungkook and Jimin’s trip to Tokyo. The video started with footage at the airport followed by the sky view from the plane. ‘There For You’ by Martin Garrix and Troye Sivan is used as the background music and it fits the ambiance perfectly.


The beauty of Tokyo and goofy Jimin are perfectly captured by Jungkook through this G.C.F It was his first one but overall, everything is perfect, just like a masterpiece by the professional.


G.C.F in Osaka


The second G.C.F was uploaded on April 30, 2018. Featuring all of the BTS members, G.C.F in Osaka shows BTS members on their off-schedule day. Eating together, shopping, strolling along with the city, and nighttime in Osaka from Jungkook’s point of view are perfectly captured in this G.C.F


G.C.F in the USA


Uploaded on July 16, 2018, G.C.F in the USA shows the backstage life of BTS during their abroad schedule. This G.C.F also features all members of BTS.


G.C.F in Saipan


This G.C.F was created along with the shooting of the BTS Summer Package 2018 in Saipan. Most of the footage was taken at the beach. You will see Jimin wiggling by the beach, following the background music beat that makes him look more adorable.


G.C.F in Newark VHS ver.


This is the longest G.C.F that Jungkook has uploaded. With a total duration of 16 minutes 9 seconds, G.C.F in Newark shows BTS preparation for their concert in Newark from Jungkook’s point of view. This G.C.F has a different style from the others. It is more like an ‘a day in my life’ vlog-style G.C.F since it only showed footage from September 29 and was recorded using a handphone. Instead of using background music, this G.C.F kept its original footage sound, making it feels more like a vlog.


G.C.F 3J @2018 MMA Practice


The 1-minute and 33 seconds black and white video shows Jungkook, j-hope, and Jimin performing during their dance practice for the 2018 MMA solo stage performance.


G.C.F in Helsinki


G.C.F in Helsinki is the latest G.C.F that is uploaded by Jungkook on December 27, 2019. This G.C.F is the ‘behind camera’ of BTS’ 2020 Winter Package. Featuring all members of BTS, the highlight of this G.C.F is that scene where Jin, Jimin, and j-hope were involved in a ‘fight’ and then the screen suddenly went black with the voice of Jungkook saying, “죄송합니다” or “sorry” in Korean. Starting with a cold tone, in the middle of the video, there is a shift in the video tone when RM smiled. The tone changed from cold to warm as RM’s smile was getting bigger. The G.C.F is ended perfectly with the view of the sunset from the plane’s window.

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