Global Boyband BTS Speaks Up Against Anti-Asian Crimes


BTS, a South Korean boy band has become a household name. Unless you are living under a rock, you must be aware of the worldwide sensation that BTS’s music has created, inspiring millions of youth with themes like self-love, dreams, and courage which their songs propagate.


Apart from that, the band has never failed to make their fans, or ARMY, proud of their achievements as they only ever climb up the ladder to fame and popularity, owing to their hard work and dedication. Global platforms like UNICEF have time and again invited BTS to share their messages of inspiration and motivation to the youth.


And now, the president of the U.S., Joe Biden, has officially invited BTS to the White House to discuss measures regarding the increasing Anti-Asian Crimes, diversity, and inclusion, etc.


During the briefing, Karine Jean Pierre, the White House press secretary, addressed them as “important youth ambassadors” who have spread messages about respect and positivity worldwide in her introduction to BTS.


Following her introduction, each band member came forward to speak a little bit regarding the reason for their visit to the White House, while also thanking President Joe Biden for giving them the honor to discuss the issues regarding inclusivity and discrimination against the Asians.


J-hope gave his thanks to the ARMY, who despite belonging to different cultures and nations have loved and supported BTS’s music, while Suga talked about embracing one’s differences and not treating those differences as something wrong.


BTS’s music has surpassed language barriers given their worldwide reach and by representing South Korea, and by extension Asia, the band in itself has become a symbol of unity and celebrating one’s differences.

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