Gifts For Writers That Are Both Quirky And Useful

There are many gifts you can get for writers; besides books- which I wrote about in my other post today- the is an abundance of things you can get for a writer that will please, amuse, and inspire them.


A Fountain Pen

Being a writer, I can attest to the fact that many writers can get their creative juices flowing by using classic tools; one of those tools is a fountain pen. Seeing your words appear on a page in such an element, the classic format is a definite dopamine dump; an added plus is that fountain pens nowadays can be easily refilled with cartridges. The only drawback is the potential for ink stains.


The Writer’s Toolbox

This is something that I own, although the various pieces have been scattered throughout my other belongings. This kit was designed by a creative writing teacher and includes a booklet filled with exercises and instructions, popsicle sticks with text on them that give you ideas for first sentences and non-sequiturs, creative cards to help generate descriptions, and spinner wheels to help come up with compelling plot twists. Writers can use this kit to get themselves in the right headspace and fuel their creative energy.


Please Do Not Annoy The Writer Coffee Mug

This gift pretty much speaks for itself. Writers tend to hate interruptions- yes, life happens, and sometimes coming out of your writer’s lair is necessary, but generally, a writer does not want that to happen more than is needed. If anyone- ANYONE- disturbs a writer’s creative process for an unnecessary reason, the chances are that the writer will calmly sip their coffee from this mug while gleefully writing the annoying person’s death into their work in a spectacular fashion.


The Ultimate Writer Gift Set

The Ultimate Writer Gift Set 2 Size Options Gifts for image 1

This gift set comes in two sizes and contains a series of writing-themed items that will appeal to any wordsmith. There could be a candle for ambiance, pencils for writing, a notebook to write in, bookmarks and stickers to mark important points that a writer does not want to lose, and more. You never know until you get it!


Pro tip: Don’t discount a possible gift for a writer just because it is not necessarily related to writing. Even the smallest things can spark inspiration in our minds.

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