Gifts for Cat Lovers Who Love Their Cats

Look, almost everyone loves cats; to the ones that don’t, what exactly is wrong with you?

We all want our pets to live the best life possible, all while ensuring that their co-existence alongside humans is comfortable. Thankfully, there are a few ways to do that.


Here are some of them:


Emergency Pet Keyring Tag

If something ever happens to you, this tag will let people know that you have feline housemates that will need to be looked after if you are incapacitated.


The Felines Laser Chasing Scratch Post

The Felines Laser Chasing Scratch Post - Hammacher Schlemmer

I think that this toy is pretty innovative. A cat’s hunting instincts can be satisfied by chasing the ever-elusive red dot, while the scratching post allows for maintenance of the murder mittens.




Interactive feeders are important- they keep our pets stimulated. The IntelliKatt feeder allows you to change difficulty levels and ensures that cats eat at a slower pace, which can help protect against bloating, indigestion, and unpleasant behaviors.


The Pet’s Bedside Bunk

The Pet's Bedside Bunk

This lofted pet bed can sit right beside your bed and allows your pets to keep watching over you at night without crowding your personal space.


Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover

Nobody knows why, but cats love to get all up in our personal space. This is especially true when we are sitting in front of our computers; many a work meeting has been interrupted by a cat presenting its butt to the camera. Luckily, keyboard covers are a thing that exists. The best keyboard covers also act as shelves; you can place other devices on them without it impacting your work.

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