Gifts for a Gardener

Spring has sprung! You know what that means- the gardeners and the nature lovers will be coming out of the woodwork. We probably all know someone who loves to garden, and we could probably use some guidance when thinking about what gifts to give them.



Any gardener would likely welcome a gift of tools, in whatever size.


Small spades are good for things like border work; taller spades are good for heavy digging, ground preparation, harvesting, and more.

PG244 - Border Spade, Steel Handle


Pitchforks aren’t just used in fairytales for hunting trolls; in real life, they can be used for gardening purposes like digging and transplanting.

PG245 - Border Fork, Steel Handle


Pruners can be used for-you guessed it- pruning plants. A good accessory for pruners is a holster for easier carrying.

AB208 - Felco Classic Pruner #2


Shears of any size are always welcome.

AB379 - Set of 2 Mini Garden Shears



There are many different types of planters; these are just some of them.


Decorative planters of any sort are always useful for managing plants and brightening up a space.

Disco Ball Hanging Planter


Smaller planters like seed starters are good for getting plants going before you transfer them to larger gardens.

Self-Watering Seedling Starter


Raised planters are ideal for maximizing growing space and minimizing maintenance; a bonus can come in said planters being self-watering.

A woman clips herbs growing in the Self-Watering Raised Planter



There are many ways to fulfill different watering needs. Examples:


Glass Water Bulbs were originally designed and developed in Poland and are still made there today. Not only are they beautiful, but they are also functional; they can be used both indoors and outdoors and will keep a plant watered for up to a week, streamlining the maintenance process.

XC479 - Watering Bulb


Seedling sprayers can be used for plants in the delicate first stages of propagation; in addition, they can also be used by crafters for wet felting.

DB129 - Seedling Sprayer


Indoor watering cans are an obvious must for anyone doing indoor gardening. Cans made by the British company Haws are particularly well-suited for indoor use: they are well-balanced, have a comfortable grip, and have narrow spouts for reaching into smaller pots and planters.

XB922 - Haws Indoor Watering Can


Let the gardening begin!!

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