(G)I-DLE Celebrates Their 7th Win for ‘TOMBOY’


(G)I-DLE takes their 7th win for the comeback song ‘TOMBOY’ on the music show Inkigayo broadcasted on SBS this Sunday (03/04).


Adding another win to their list, (G)I-DLE also celebrates their total of 35 wins overall. (G)I-DLE won against Red Velvet with their comeback song “Feel My Rhythm” and Jay Park’s “GANADARA (Feat. IU)”.

Source: SBS Inkigayo

With 9648 points, (G)I-DLE currently holds the song with the highest score in Inkigayo 2022 with the song “TOMBOY”.


(G)I-DLE perfectly ended their last promotion stage for “TOMBOY” with a win, as well as dressing up with clothes that they wore during their childhood.


Instead of their usual powerful, grunge, tomboy stage outfits – fans enjoyed the cute outfits they replicated from childhood photos.



Soyeon, who was a participant in Produce 101 and Unpretty Rapstar 3 showed her cute side by wearing her hair in a bun with boys and a yellow and red traditional hanbok that she wore when she was young.



Miyeon, who was a former YG Entertainment trainee, wore a nerdy outfit from her childhood. Miyeon had choppy bangs, wore thick-rimmed glasses, and a high-collared white t-shirt, and also performed with a violin (like in the picture) strapped on her during the performance.



Minnie wore denim overalls with a huge red hoodie and adorable tiny pink sunglasses to finish off the childhood style.



Yuqi wore a cute yellow top, a little bear bag with her hair slicked back to imitate her hair when she was still a baby. Yuqi also performed with a plastic bag filled with groceries.



The maknae of the group wore an adorable pink magical princess costume with a matching pink tiara and pink star wand that she waved around during the performance.


Which childhood look was your favorite?

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