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Context: One of the attractions in Teruel, capital of Aragon, Spain, tells the legend of “The Lovers of Teruel”. The story takes place in 1217 when Diego Garces de Marcilla falls in love with Isabel Segura. Both come from economically superior families until, before their wedding, the Marcilla’s lose their fortune. Then the Segura’s forbid the marriage. Diego leaves town to recover his fortune, but no one received news of him for five years. Isabel married someone else. Until one night, Diego returned and begged her for a kiss, stating that he would die otherwise. Isabel declined, and he passed away at her feet. On the day of his funeral, she dresses in a wedding dress and kisses his body before burying him. However, when she kissed him, she also died, covering Diego’s corpse. And so, both are buried together.


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Teruel is a place with great history and architecture to honor its past. The museum “Los Amantes de Teruel” was built in the center of the city and where the mummified bodies of the lovers can now be seen. The museum has guided tour hours, in which you will learn about the couple and the structure. More buildings around the city were built following the Mudejar style. According to Brittanica Dictionary “Mudejar is an art style of the Muslims who remained in Spain after the Reconquista”. They explain that the Mudejar is known for representing horseshoe arch and vault, as well as the use of ivory and metal ornamentations.



The city is not only represented by lovers or its architecture, but also with its celebrations. As one of the traditional events is known as “Fiestas del Angel” or “The Angels Party”. A celebration for the Holy Guardian Angel, who took the Muslim fortress and founded what is now known as Teruel. It is a place full of architectural beauty that you could admire by taking a train where the tour guide will tell you about past occurrences.


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