Getting To Know Arepas


Traditional Latin American dish prepared with cornflour. Shape in a flattened circular. This dish is known as “Arepa” in Colombia and Venezuela; These countries argue about the origin of the meal. Although there is no information about the specific place, we know that it was created in South America before the 1500s.


The dough is prepared by mixing cornflour with water until a thick consistency is achieved, which is then placed in a pan on the stove. Once they are cooked, a 180 cut will be made on one side to be filled with the preferred stew. With the creation of cornflour, the process of having to grind corn by hand was simplified and is now the common method of preparing corn flour. The most common stew is the “Reina Pipeada”, prepared with chicken, avocado, and onion.


Galeotto Cei, a writer and merchant from Italy in the 1500s, wrote “Voyage and Description of the Indies (1539-1553)”. Where he narrates the first sighting of arepas, he said, “They make another kind of bread with corn like tortillas, a finger thick, round and large as a French dish, or a little more or less, and they put them to cook in a torture over the fire, basting it with fat so that they do not stick, turning them until they get cooked on both sides and this kind they call arepas and some call them fecteguas.”


Due to the cultural and territorial connection between countries, they are similar to pupusas in El Salvador and gorditas in Mexico.

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