Friday, December 3, 2021

Germany Debates On Compulsory Vaccination Amid Rising Cases

Amid rising cases and low inoculation rates, German politicians are currently debating on whether to make the COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory for citizens as an effort to reduce the active cases. 


On Sunday, some members of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc said that “Federal and state governments should introduce compulsory vaccinations soon as other efforts to push up Germany’s low inoculation rate of just 68% have failed.”


Tilman Kuban, head of the youth wing of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU), wrote in Die Welt newspaper that “We’ve reached a point at which we must clearly say that we need de facto compulsory vaccination and a lockdown for the unvaccinated,” There are 5.45 million total cases in Germany since the first outbreak of coronavirus. The virus has claimed the lives of  99, 437 people in the country.


Bavarian State Premier, Markus Soeder, called for an abrupt decision to make COVID-19 vaccinations compulsory. On the other hand, Schleswig-Holstein State Premier, Daniel Guenther, said authorities should discuss ways to pressure unvaccinated citizens first.


A prominent member of the Greens and Finance Minister in Baden-Wuerttemberg, the southwestern state that records high infection rates, said it would be a fault at this stage of the pandemic to rule out compulsory vaccination.


Currently, The Greens are discussing with the center-left Social Democrats (SPD) and the libertarian Free Democrats (FDP) to establish a three-way coalition government on the federal level. Now, the three parties are in the final stages of sealing a coalition agreement which would pave the way for outgoing Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, from the SPD to succeed Merkel as chancellor in the first half of December.


Whereas Scholz wanted a debate on whether to make vaccination compulsory for health care workers and geriatric nurses, FDP members voiced their objections to compulsory vaccination as the party puts a bigger emphasis on individual freedom.


When Germany is still debating, its neighbor, Austria has announced this week that the country will order a compulsory vaccination for next year.

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