Genshin Impact 2.3 Banner Speculation

Itto and Albedo Banner. Image Credit:

Hu Tao’s banner will end in less than thirteen days. As promised by developer teams, every 6 weeks, they will release two new five-starred characters along with four-starred characters on the exclusive character banner.

The official Instagram of Genshin Impact has also confirmed that the new characters in the upcoming patch are Itto and Gorou. However, we don’t know the other characters that will be released before or after Itto.

Another rerun character

Genshin Impact’s special program announcement. Image Credit: Instagram

Recently, the official Instagram of Genshin Impact posted a poster of a special program announcement. It is about an animated interview with the characters who will “probably” be in the upcoming patch. In the picture above, we can see there is another character which is Albedo, who was introduced in the 1.2 patch. He would probably have his first rerun banner in the upcoming patch.

The speculation

2.3 Banner. Image Credit:

Albedo probably would be on the first banner before Itto’s banner will be released. If Itto’s banner is released first, Albedo’s banner would probably be the second one. Plus, it’s speculated that Albedo would come with or without Gorou on his banner. Every leaker on social media said, “Take the leaks with a grain of salt”. It means that don’t expect too much before it is confirmed by miHoYo.

It is better for you to wait for the special program to be “live” on the official Genshin Impact Youtube channel and watch it to decide whether the speculation will or will not disappoint you. In the meantime, you can join the in-game event while waiting for the special program. 

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