Genshin 2.4 Banner Prediction

2021 Lantern Rite event: Youtube

Lantern Rite is one of the wonderful annual in-game festivals besides the Moon chase in Genshin Impact. The festival was held in February and it’s coming shortly since December is nearly over. Xiao is one of the exclusive characters from the Lantern Rite event, even there was a prank of three faces precious chests, Tabibito-san still enjoy the in-game festival. Moving on, there is a prediction of what banners will come on patch 2.4, so just keep reading.

Shen He and Yunjin: Screenrant

It is officially revealed that the characters will come after Itto’s banner ended will be 5 starred cryo character, Shen He, as well come along with Yunjin the 4 starred Geo Character, both are from Liyue which will accompany your adventure on patch 2.4 especially Lantern Rite event.

Xiao and Ganyu:

Since the first time Lantern Rite was held, Xiao is coming along, not only that we will have Xiao re-run on patch 2.4 but also we will see the Ganyu re-run banner as well. Do you know why? if you have completed the Ganyu story quest, it told us that Xiao is Ganyu’s Adeptus trainer, so probably Ganyu and Xiao will be coming in patch 2.4. It’s also predicted that Xiao and Shen He will be in the first banner.

Guaranteed 5 starred character wish: Sportskeeda

So, if you fail on pulling Xiao or Ganyu before and have to keep your primary primogem saving from the first time you fall in love with Xiao and Ganyu, don’t miss out on the chance. May Celestia give you your desired characters, good luck on pulling for those banners on patch 2.4.

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