Genesis X Convertible Concept: Minimalistic Yet Stunning Convertible Done Right


Hyundai/Genesis’ design team is on fire lately; revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show is a two-door Genesis concept car, and it’s quite the looker.



This isn’t the brand’s first 2-door concept, as the Genesis X Speedium Coupe came first. Having quirky points to boot, the X Convertible is undeniably gorgeous, perhaps the most refined form of the X line of concept cars. Its sleek, confident lines strewn from the back fender to the hood, the contrasting minimalism of the rear end and the taillights, the strip headlights that run to the ends of both fenders; it’s a streak of luxury and class that doesn’t scream anything else but Genesis.



The front fascia shows no grilles; as expected of its intended EV status. That, however, allows for a quirky dip in the lower bar of the strip headlights, mimicking the outline of the company’s signature grille. Some described it as a “smile”, and it’s a smug one, if anything. Strangely, some angles (particularly the front-side) are reminiscent of Aston Martin’s DB11. The wide back fenders remind us of General Motors early-2000s cars, which had an emphasis in retro modern-styling at the time, like the Chevy SSR.


Other than the line that stretches across the entire vehicle, the side is relatively simple. The eccentric turbine-style rims make a great match for it, and it’s the first among the X Concepts to use it. The rear integrates a ducktail wing into the body, with an additional taillight strip on the very edge. An oval houses the taillights and the GENESIS plaque, with the rear bumper carrying what looks to be a small faux-diffuser that fuses well with the rest of the design.



Being a four-seater convertible, the roof carries some unique properties of its own: it doubles as a panoramic roof, allowing for stargazing and/or more natural lighting in the cabin. The driver-centered interior forms a curve, which should optimize control over all features. The interior’s colors, Giwa Navy and Dancheong Orange, are inspired by the roofs of many Korean homes. Personally, the one thing that came to mind from the color combo was red bean paste. While more prominent in Japan, Korea also has a selection of dishes based on it.




p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>It’s a fantastic blend of bold, minimalistic design, and we say it’s a worthy nominee for the most visually appealing concept cars of 2022. But with the demand for SUVs, you can kiss your hopes goodbye for anything like this on the road. That applies for the rest of the X 2-door concepts as well. At least we get to see what we lost.

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