Saturday, June 25, 2022

Geek Gear Announces The End To Their Subscription Service


Geek Gear, a popular fandom merchandise producer, has announced recently that they are stopping their monthly subscriber boxes with immediate effect.


The company largely produces Harry Potter-themed merchandise, but they also cater to other fandoms such as Avengers, Breaking Bad, Marvel, Scooby-Doo, and Riverdale.


They were known for their wizardry boxes, a mystery Harry Potter merchandise box that was sent to your house every month with different items each time. Some were themed such as the Valentine’s Day and Halloween boxes, but otherwise, you would receive a box with 5-7 products with a value of at least £50.


Geek Gear sent out emails to their customers recently detailing their reasons why they are canceling the subscription service. These included the higher price of production and shipping thanks to Brexit, suppliers going out of business due to Covid, and huge delays in getting products to ship on time.


For those who want to cancel their existing subscriptions, it can be done immediately. For those who don’t want to or have paid in advance, they are offering a few options. Either receive past boxes for the amount of time you have paid for, choose a Deluxe box, receive 150% store credit to pick items from their general store, or receive a full refund.


The company itself will still be in business, and they plan on expanding the store to offer better products that can be bought individually. Harry Potter and wizardry will still be their main focus, and they will continue to offer everything they have now asides from new subscription boxes.

Jorja Lyndsey
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