Gathering Thoughts About Marijuana


Canada’s newest but 4-year-old pastime is slowly becoming an epic debate as to whether marijuana should have been legalized. For many, it is still the best decision made by the government, if not by most Canadians.




Rightfully so, it has shaped the country in a more up-to-date fashion like the other first-world countries with a regulated body that oversees the distribution of the drug and perhaps even a more sensible approach to not mishandling the product.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was keen on legalizing the drug and making it accessible to the public often, also creating jobs and easing restrictions on those that had been in trouble with the law because of illegal possession.


The main concern, however, was the risks associated with the legalization and thus far none has come to light, with the government doing their best to minimize the crimes related, preventing any type of vehicle intoxications charges or accidents, and ever-so-diligently creating revenue that helps with a decent amount of sections in the budget that respectably boosts the capital.


Marijuana is a hot topic in many countries leading to charges and jail time from minor to major possessions.



For the most part, the Marijuana drug has been a back-bone supporter of Canadians and its government since being approved for sale, giving the country an added incentive to visit and attract tourism.


Many parts of the U.S. have legalized the substance as well and the feelings are mixed in those places, including some Canadian citizens who do not support the act and would like a new government to reverse the act of motion and ban the drug once again.


To say that the Marijuana leaf is a symbol of the flag in Canada is as Canadian as it gets.


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