Gas Leak in London


The London Aquatic Center suffered a gas leak causing 29 people to be hospitalized for respiratory problems. 200 people were at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford when chlorine gas was released, and they were forced to leave.


Of those 200, 50 people were treated at the scene, others were taken to hospitals. The remaining residents remained with the windows and doors of their homes closed.


The Aquatics Center has been known since 2012, as the London Olympics were held there in 2012. As well as in 2014, the public was able to access the venue.


According to the London Fire Brigade, the gas leak was caused by a chemical reaction, which resulted in a “high amount of chlorine gas” being released. 12 adults and 7 children were taken to Homerton Hospital, but they were not the only ones, as Newham Hospital and the Royal London Hospital were also treating patients.


One London resident said that the gas leak is quite scary and everyone is worried. To alleviate the situation, the Fire Brigade will use positive pressure fans to allow the gas to disperse into the atmosphere.


Brigade Commander Shaun Coltress said, “We have not taken that decision lightly, we have our scientific advisor and our hazmat advisor on site.” He confirmed that people living in nearby areas were not at risk.


He added that people in the area should keep their doors and windows closed for the “next few hours”, but stressed that people living nearby should not be concerned.


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