Games Like Among Us That You Should Try with Friends

Have you ever played Among Us? If you’ve played Among Us then you’re familiar with the betrayals, sabotages, and broken friendships that come along with it.


If you’re bored with Among Us, there are a lot of other games that have a similar concept and gameplay with different mechanics that you should try out yourself or with your friends!


1. Goose Goose Duck

Instead of crewmates, you’ll be playing as a goose. With your fellow geese, you must complete tasks before the duck kills you and all your friends! Ducks can also work with other ducks such as the Cannibal Duck and Silencer Duck. Geese also have special roles including Vigilante Goose, Mimic Goose, and Medium Goose amongst others to use their special skills in finding the duck.


2. Secret Neighbor

In this game of six players, all six characters sneak into their neighbor’s house where one out of the six players is the neighbor in disguise. In a game of deception, the secret neighbor must trap other players and prevent them from going near the locked basement door!


3. Project Winter

Project Winter is an 8-person multiplayer game where you and your friends are stranded in the middle of a frozen wasteland where communication and teamwork is vital for survival. Gather resources, fix broken structures and go into the wilderness if you dare. However, a traitor is amongst the survivors who they’ll jump into any chances of sabotaging.


4. Town of Salem

If you’re opting for a chiller game with wits, Town of Salem is perfect. You get to play with seven to fifteen players where you’ll get assigned to one of 48 roles with each of their unique abilities. Much like the game Werewolf, there are roles like the mafia, sheriff, and doctor.


5. Deceit

Unlike the other games, Deceit is an FPS game that involves six players who are trapped in a dark dungeon together. Two players are infected with the virus, and they’ll turn into a monster during the blackout phase. Non-infected must work together to get out of the dungeon without dying a gruesome death to the infected monsters.

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