Gaining New Life Perspectives From TVN’s Ongoing Drama, “Our Blues.”


It has been three weeks since the first episode of tvN’s ongoing drama, Our Blues aired. As an omnibus drama, Our Blues compiles the life stories of each character. So far, four stories have been revealed from four pairs of characters. Each pair are dealing with their problem with love, friendship, money, and family. Among those four stories, only Hansu and Eunhui’s story has been concluded.


Hansu and Eunhui: Long-lost friends, betrayal, reconciliation.

Working as head of SS Bank in a city in Seoul, Choi Hansu (played by Cha Seungwon) found himself struggling to fulfill his daughter’s needs as a professional golf player in the United States. Soon, he moved to the SS Bank branch in Jeju, his hometown. Going to Jeju does not only mean coming back to his hometown for Hansu but also bringing back all the past stories of him and his friends whom he has been distancing himself from for the past years.


On his first day in Jeju, Hansu met his first love, Jung Eunhui (played by Lee Jungeun) who is a very successful fish seller in Jeju despite her past who is known as a child from a poor family. Eunhui was very happy to meet Hansu after a long time but the other friends, Jung Ingwon (played by Park Jihwan), Bang Hosik (played by Choi Youngjoon), Lee Dongseok (played by Lee Byunghun) did not seem very happy to meet Hansu since he has been ignoring them for the past years. Moreover, they knew about Hansu’s financial difficulties and his tendency to borrow a big amount of money from their friend.


Eunhui, the successful fish seller in Jeju (picture credit to tvN)


Eunhui, as the mediator among her friends, asked them to be nicer to Hansu who has just returned to Jeju after a long time. Hansu used this opportunity to get closer to Eunhui by reminding her of the past and taking her on a trip down memory lane of their senior high school when their love bloomed. Hansu even lied to Eunhui, saying that he is currently in the process of divorcing his wife, giving Eunhui hope to be back together with Hansu, like how they used to be. Hansu even took Eunhui on a trip to Mokpo, a city that means a lot to their past relationship. Just the two of them, without anyone knowing.


Young Eunhui and Hansu in Mokpo (picture credit to tvN)


Hansu and Eunhui trip down on memory lane (picture credit to tvN)


Ingwon, Hosik, and Myeongbo (Hansu’s co-worker and old friend) soon found out that Hansu took Eunhui on a trip to Mokpo. They immediately called Eunhui and told her about Hansu’s intention to take advantage of Eunhui. They also revealed that Hansu’s marriage was in a very good term.


Ingwon, Hosik, and Myeongbo when they found out about Hansu and Eunhui’s trip to Mokpo (picture credit to tvN)


Eunhui was very disappointed with Hansu. In return for the trust that Eunhui gave, Hansu lied to Eunhui for his own good, to get a loan from her. The night turned into a whole mess. Eunhui asked Hansu to leave her alone and Hansu finally went back to Jeju right away. He felt sorry for Eunhui and his other friends that he decided to resign from SS Bank and leave Jeju.


Chit-chat before Eunhui knew everything (picture credit to tvN)


Eunhui used her time alone to rethink what happened at that time. She realized that asking Hansu to leave was too rude and there is nothing wrong with loaning money to a friend. Eunhui then lent two hundred million won to Hansu, just as how he requested from his other friends, along with a reconciliation and apology message. In the meantime, Hansu tried to settle down his family’s problem and came to a final decision that his daughter will come back to South Korea, leaving her expensive golf life. The money that Eunhui sent is returned to her because Hansu did not need it anymore. He also quit his job to have more time with his family until everything is settled down completely.


From Hansu and Eunhui’s story, we get a perspective about how a little white lie could lead to a more complex problem that ends up with disappointment, loss of trust, and ruined friendship. Being lied to is the worst feeling ever but those who forgive and look on the bright side is the one who will find peace in life, just like Eunhui.



Our Blues airs every Saturday and Sunday on tvN at 09:10 p.m. KST and is streamed worldwide on the same day on Netflix.

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