Fun With Robots


We are all familiar with robots as toys, robots as home appliances, and robots as machinery, but did you know that there are even more kinds of robots that are a heck of a lot of fun?


Petoi Bittle Robot Dog for STEM and Fun

This moving, palm-sized robot is perfect for learning, teaching, or as a gift! Assembling the robot first is a fun activity by itself; once assembled, the fun continues with a robot dog that can do tricks like a real animal! You can download the required codes online; the kit also comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth dongles.


CaddyTrek Mobile Autonomous Robotic Golf Cart Caddy

This compact ad lightweight autonomous caddy requires no assembly; it follows you around, allowing you to focus on your game without the weight burden of a full bag of golf clubs.


Educational Robot Eggy 2

This bundle of educational fun uses a unique magnetic robot arm in conjunction with the EGGY learning system to teach math and English concepts in a fun way! Eggy ensures a fun, new way for kids to learn by tapping into their natural creativity and sense of wonder.


TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracker

This tracker makes logging time a fun, enjoyable task! Its 12-sided form evokes a gaming die and is powered by mobile and web apps to process info and sync it with popular calendars like Google Calendar and MS Outlook. It is a user-friendly time-tracking device that can help manage a person’s workload, projects, and productivity.


Petoi Nybble Open-Source Robotic Cat

Build your robotic animal companion! Assembly is easy with its screw-free interlocking puzzle frame; once assembled, use it to explore STEM and robotics. This cat’s open-source programming means there are endless possibilities for what you can “teach” it to do.


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