Fun Party Games Online to Play with Your Friends!


Bored at home? Online games with your friends never fail to turn your boring day into a fun one. Try out this variety of online party games that are simple but fun and addicting to play so everyone can play together!


1.      Stumble Guys

Source: Steam

A free version of Fall Guys, compete with your friends in this battle royale of fun mini-games to become number one!



2.      Pico Park


Although fun and addicting, this frustrating game will decide on whether you’ll persevere through your friendship with teamwork or be the main cause of ruining your friendship.



3.       Jackbox Games

Source: Jackbox Games

Jackbox has a lot of party games from trivia, doodling games, rap battles, and joke contests where you use your phone to play while watching the main screen through a TV or your friend’s share-screen.



4.      Undercover


Undercover is a deduction game where you start with receiving a secret word. Civilians will receive the same secret word, Undercovers will receive a word that’s slightly different from Civilians and Mr. Whites will receive a blank word – or nothing at all. Undercovers must survive until the end while Mr. White needs to crack the secret word or survive until the end.



5.      Pummel Party

Source: Steam

Pummel Party is an online board game that you can play with up to 4-8 friends where you can use absurd items and weapons received from winning mini-games to destroy your friendship in the quest to become the winner.



6.      Slappyball

Source: Steam

If you can’t play volleyball offline, then play volleyball online as hands by slapping around volleyballs with your superior skills.

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