Fun Hobbies To Try As A Beginner


Are you searching for the perfect activity to occupy your mind in the gap between work and rest? Are you interested in pursuing a new hobby in addition to existing ones? Do you simply wish to know what is available to try out in the future? Look no further. Below is a compilation of the best hobbies that are both affordable and suitable for beginners.


1) Baking

Baking is a family-friendly activity that anyone can try. Recipes are readily available online for free so there is no need to splash out on a cookbook (though you can if you wish), and ingredients are relatively inexpensive. A great recipe for beginners to attempt is making cupcakes. A link to a reputable recipe can be found here.


2) Crocheting

For those with an interest in handicrafts, crocheting is an excellent way to be creative whilst still being suitable for a novice. Knitting is much harder than crocheting to master, making the latter most ideal for making garments and decorations out of wool. Tutorials are available on platforms such as YouTube, and the materials needed shouldn’t cost more than £10 to get started on a single project. A tutorial can be found here.


3) Gaming

Gaming is a virtual way to connect with others whilst engaging your brain with a fun activity. There are all sorts of games available for a range of ages and skills, but gaming on mobile is the most accessible way to get started. Games such as Among Us took off in popularity during the pandemic and many app-based games can be downloaded for free. If you wished to spend a little money, then try out The Sims. For a more cost-effective route, get an annual Origin pass to download EA games to your laptop. A link can be found here.


4) Hiking

Exercise keeps you healthy in both mind and body and it is a great way to explore your surroundings. If you didn’t want to go alone, there are hiking groups in most places that you can join to bring a sociable aspect to the adventure. Another advantage is that hiking is completely free to do. Of course, you may wish to buy walking shoes, a new jacket, a stick, or have to pay for some petrol to get to some of the more distant trails, but it entirely depends on your level of commitment, who you go with, and the route you have to take.


5) Upcycling

Upcycling is the perfect way to help the environment and redecorate your home. It is where you take something that is broken, old, or simply unused and turns it into something new. An example would be if you took an old scarf, unraveled the wool, and made some gloves instead. Sometimes you need to have pre-existing skills to accomplish what you envision with the materials you have, but often you can upcycle something with a lick of paint and novice decorating skills.  Get your family involved with a project over the summer and watch as those broken items flourish once more.

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