Fun fact about Nico Robin, Kru of Straw Hat “One Piece”

Nico Robin is a Nakama’s Luffy

Nico Robin is a Nakama’s Luffy, the captain of Straw Hat pirates on “One Piece” manga. She is a beautiful woman with a tall and slender young woman with shoulder-length black hair. Here is the reason why she is unique:

 The girl who has the ironic developed story

Nico Robin, also known by the epithet “Devil Child” from Ohara Island.

The world government wants to kill her, although she is the only survivor on the ruined island. Her backstory comes up in the “Water 7” and “Ennies Lobby” arcs. Nico Robbin comes from an archeologist’s family. 

Her mother is Nico Olivia went out to sea to find True History which is her husband’s dream. But unfortunately, it was illegal for the world government to know the ancient language called poneglyphs. After that, the battleship was coming to destroy Ohara and Nico Robin is saved from danger by Saul dan her mother sacrifices. As a child, she has a difficult life to stay alive and hide from the government for a long time.

Mature, strong, and Intelligent Lady

Nico Robin aced the archeology exam at a very young age of 8.

Nico Robin aced the archeology exam at a very young age of 8 and was officially inducted as a scholar. She is the only person in the world known to have the ability to read and decipher Ponegyphs. She is a great fighter after she ate the Hana Hana no Mi at a young age giving her the power to reproduce her body parts on any surface at will.

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