Fun And Cute Mobile Games That Are Free To Play!

Are you looking for a casual game to play that’s lighthearted and simple? Then you should try mobile games that have cute designs and easy gameplay.


Mobile games are easy to install and you can pretty much kill time when you’re bored with playing these games on your phone anywhere.


Here are some free adorable mobile games that you should try!


1. Neko Atsume

Source: Hit Point Co. Ltd.

If you’re a cat lover and an avid collector, then this game is perfect for you! All you have to do is sit and wait for over 70 varieties of cats to come to your house! Attract these cute kitties with different food and toys and collect fish to decorate and upgrade your house.



2. Adorable Home

Source: HyperBeard

Start a new life with your significant other by moving into your new house with your pets. Collect hearts by interacting with animals visiting your house or by feeding your cats to buy new furniture and decor for your house!



3. Pocket Love

Source: HyperBeard

Decorate your pocket-sized home with furniture and decor up to your liking! Move in with your significant other and pet and start decorating your lovely home, or even shop for cosmetics.



4. Tsuki Adventure 

Source: HyperBeard

Tsuki adventure tells the story of an adorable rabbit that’s exhausted from its office job in the city. Tsuki decides to take over his uncle’s carrot farm by moving into the country. Return to Tsuki anytime to see what he’s up to!



5. Purrfect Tale

Source: BadMouse


Collect adorable cats in Purrfect Tale and get edible items or interior decor to decorate the rooms in your house. This game also follows an interactive story of your character that’s struggling with demotivation in school and her wish to pursue arts.


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