Fun Activities For Rainy Summer Days 2022


Summer is almost upon us and with it comes the freedom of the school holidays. Though summer is supposed to be endless days of blue skies and sunshine, the British weather doesn’t always agree. So, what do you do when you have bored children in the house and it’s raining? Below are a few ideas to help you entertain your little ones on even the stormiest of days.


1) Film and Fort Day

Building a fort is a fun activity for a child of any age. All you need to do this is imagination and whatever you have to hand in the house; whether that’s blankets and pillows or something like foil or cardboard. Once the fort is complete and everyone is cozy, grab some snacks and pop on a film or two.


2) Arts and Crafts Day

Arts and crafts can be done by anyone no matter how old they are. The beauty of arts and crafts is that it is a whole range of activities, so one child could be coloring or painting whilst the other creates a glittery masterpiece with glue, felt, and a lot of glitters. Ensure that any activity is carried out safely under adult supervision and place newspapers down on the floor to protect carpets against mess.


3) Indoor Skating Rink

If you have a little money to spare, going to an indoor skating rink can be the perfect way for your children to burn off some energy whilst learning a new skill. Nowadays, you can either visit an ice-skating rink or a rollerskating rink. Many rinks offer family sessions mainly targeted at children and hold ‘discos’ for extra entertainment.


4) National Trust House

If you live in the UK, the National Trust boasts a plethora of properties around the countries that you can visit as a family. There is a fee if you are not a National Trust member, however, you do get unlimited access to the property and grounds. If it is raining, choose a place that focuses more heavily on the property rather than the gardens. Most places also boast a cafe, activities, and events catered to families, and have discounted prices for parents and children.


5) Baking Day

Another home-based activity, baking is an easy way to let your children have a creative outlet that is both productive and tasty. Teaching them cookery skills at a young age is always a great idea and there are many free and easy recipes to be found online. The only cost involved is buying the ingredients, and many ingredients can be purchased in bulk at low cost so that little hands can bake to their heart’s content.


We hope you have found this article useful! Let us know in the comments section if you try any of these out this summer!

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