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Full Trailer Of HBO Max’s “And Just Like That” Is Finally Here!


Sex and the City” follow-up, titled “And Just Like That …”, is headed to HBO Max as the full trailer drops on November 30.


After a special teaser released early in November, The US streaming service gives a closer real look at the series. It is set to be a 10-episode reboot of “Sex and the City”, with the original cast reprising their roles. All of its original leads – Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis – are all returning to their iconic roles as Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte York, despite Kim Cattrall’s awkward absence.


In September, Parker speaks to Entertainment Tonight that “It’s really hard to ignore the deafening cry for a sequel”. She adds, “But I wouldn’t call it a reboot, I would call it a ‘revisit’.”


Through Parker’s voice-over narration, the trailer goes:


“They say some things never change, but the truth is, life is full of surprises. And as your story unfolds, the city reinvents itself, and just like that, a new chapter begins.”


The narration resonates well with Parker’s intention to ‘revisit’ the part or simply to embrace a new chapter that unfolds the complicated life and friendship in their 50s. She explains:


“I’d like to see where all of them are. I’m curious. The world has changed even since the movie. I mean, the world has changed so much; technology and social media. Those characters never talked about social media, which I think would be interesting. And also sexual politics and the #MeToo movement. I think Carrie Bradshaw would just be so greedy to share her feelings and thoughts.”


In the clip, viewers see Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte reteam for a high-living, glitzy New York life. The clip spotlights emphasis on the changes that take place 11 years since we last saw them in “Sex and the City 2” film; kids growing up, old friends still reconnecting (including the late Willie Garson’s Standford Blatch), a handful of new friends coming, and Charlotte getting her face done (allegedly).


Prepare to toast a round of Cosmopolitan as “And Just Like That…” debuts on HBO Max on Thursday, December 9.


Do you still give it a go or a no-go with Samantha Jones missing?


Take a look at the trailer and decide.

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