From Dragon Legend To Battle Royal, Bali Island History And Its Beauty


As humans, of course, we have life needs, including the financial needs to finance all our daily needs, so it is normal that we are busy with work, business, study, and others. But as humans, of course, we often feel bored and sometimes stressed which requires us to find peace, including playing, hanging out with family, and vacation. Talking about tourism, almost everyone knows one of a famous and unique places in the world, namely Bali, according to research by Tourlane, a well-known travel start-up from Germany, on 08th April 2020 stated Bali as the most popular tourist spot in the world with the number of hashtags 60,4733,066 on Instagram. So what is Bali? Bali is an island in Indonesia known for its verdant volcanic mountains, unique rice field terraces, beautiful beaches, and coral reefs. There are many places of religious tourism such as Uluwatu Temple which stands on a cliff. In, the south, the coastal city of Kuta offers nightlife tours that are never empty, while Seminyak, Sanur, and Nusa Dua are known for their popular resort treats. Bali island is also known as a place for recreation with yoga and meditation. Early history The formation of Bali, the first inhabitants of Bali island are estimated to have come in 3000-2500 BC who migrated from East Asia. A book written by I Wayan Ardika, I Gde Parimartha, and AA Bagus Wirawan with the title “History of Bali: From Prehistory to Modern” Published in 2013, the book states that the remains of stone tools from the prehistoric period were found in Cekik village which is located in the western Bali island. while the name Bali Dwipa (Bali Island) is found from various inscriptions, including the Blanjong inscription written by Sri Kewari Warmadewa in 913 AD which mentions the word Walidwipa. One of Bali island kingdoms is the kingdom of Buleleng which was founded in 1660 AD, the collapse history of this kingdom was caused by attacks from the Dutch who were involved in Bali war 1 from 1846 to 1849. The founder of this kingdom was a descendant prince of the Gelgel Kingdom named I Gusti Anglurah Panji Sakti from the Pakisan dynasty, the son of I Gusti Ngurah Jelantik who ruled on Java island. Because I Gusti Anglurah Panji Sakti was the son of a concubine wife, not an empress, his presence was considered a threat to the position of the crown prince of Gelgel, so I Gusti Anglurah Panji Sakti was removed to his mother’s hometown named Si Luh Pasek Gobleg or Panji Village located in northern Bali. He grew up as an intelligent and powerful young leader and in the end, he was able to unite the North Bali region and establish a kingdom in 1660 but this kingdom became weak after the king died in 1704 which was conquered by other kingdoms and became a target of Dutch colonial attack on 1846, 1848 and 1849.


There are several legendary stories about the formation of Bali island, one of them is the story of Manik Angkeran and a powerful dragon named Besukih


Source: folklore https://dongeng

Manik Angkeran ~ DPS-OSIS-KAMTIB 2021

Manik Angkeran is the son of a Brahmin named Sidhimantra. They live in the Kingdom of Doha, Bali. At that time, Bali island had not separated from Java Island. Manik Angkeran was an intelligent child. Unfortunately, he is easily influenced by his friends. One day, Manik Angkeran saw people gambling and fighting chickens. He was very interested.

“Well, you don’t have to work hard to be rich. It’s enough with just one chicken!” he thought. He then went home and broke his piggy bank to buy a big and strong rooster.

“This chicken will definitely make a lot of money for me,” he said happily.

The next day, Manik Angkeran started fighting chickens. It’s true, the chicken always wins. He earns a lot of money. Manik Angkeran was very satisfied. The next day he would come back to fight his cock. “At this rate, I can get rich quick,” he thought.

But it wasn’t that easy. On the second day onwards, the chickens began to lose more often. Moreover, many new chickens have appeared in the cockfighting arena. They beat the chickens easily. In an instant, Manik Angkeran’s money was ran out. He even had to go into debt to pay for his loss. But that didn’t deter him. He continued to gamble and fight cocks.

Over time, Manik Angkeran stole his father’s property to pay his debts. Sidhimantra who knew this said, “My son, gambling will not make you rich, it will make you poor. Stop while it’s not too late.”

But Manik Angkeran didn’t care. Gradually, his father’s property was used up to pay off debts. He then whined, “Father, please help me. They will kill me if I don’t pay the debt.” His father sighed. Their property is gone. “What should I do to help my son?” he thought. He didn’t want his only one child die in vain.

Sidhimantra prayed for guidance from the Gods. “Meet Dragon Besukih on Agung Mount. Ask for a little of his wealth to pay off your child’s debts,” suddenly heard a magical whisper. Sidhimantra rushed to Agung Mount to meet Dragon Besukih.

Arriving at Agung Mount, Sidhimantra rang the bell-like a clue in his dream. Dragon Besukih who heard it came out. “Who are you? What do you mean by coming?” asked the Dragon Besukih.

“I am Sidhimantra. The purpose of my coming is to ask for your help paying off my son’s debts, Manik Angkeran. I have spent my wealth. My son will be killed if he doesn’t pay off his debts,” answered Sidhimantra. After thinking for a moment, Dragon Besukih agreed to Sidhimantra’s request. He went into his cave and came out with some gold and gems. Sidhimantra thanked him and said goodbye.

Sidhimantra gave all the treasure to his son. “Go and pay off all your debts. Now you can start a new life,” said Sidhimantra. But Manik Angkeran used the treasure to return to gambling. He continued to gamble until the treasure was exhausted. He went back into debt to pay for his defeat and was again being chased by people.

“Sorry dad, the money you gave me has run out. Now I owe it again, even in a bigger amount,” Manik Angkeran whined again to his father.

“I can’t help you anymore. I’ve tried to help you, but you hurt my feelings,” said Sidhimantra angrily.

Manik Angkeran was confused. He didn’t know who else to ask for help. While daydreaming, suddenly his eyes fixated on a small bell. “Genta? What is this bell for? Can I sell this bell?” he asked himself.

Manik Angkeran brought the bell to the market. There he met his friend and showed him the bell. “Manik, I heard this clapper is a magic clapper. This bell is used to call Dragon Besukih who lives on Agung Mount. Perhaps your father has gone to Dragon Besukih to ask for treasure?” asked his friend.

“Hmm… that’s right. Surely father got the treasure from Dragon Besukih,” said Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran did not want to waste the opportunity. He immediately climbed Agung Mount and sounded the magic bell.

Dragon Besukih meets Manik Angkeran. “Sorry Dragon Besukih. My name is Manik Angkeran, son of Sidhimantra. Can I ask for a little more of your property to pay off my debt?” asked Manik Angkeran.

“You owe so much? But alright, one last time, I’ll give you a little treasure. After this, you can’t come here again to ask for treasures,” answered Dragon Besukih.

Dragon Besukih took his treasure in the cave. Without realizing it, Manik Angkeran followed him. How amazed Manik Angkeran, in the cave there is a pile of gold and gems! Seeing all of this, his evil intentions aroused. He wanted to kill Dragon Besukih and take possession of his treasure. He drew his sword and slashed it into the Dragon Besukih’s body. Dragon Besukih was injured. He did not expect that Manik Angkeran would kill him. Dragon Besukih was furious and spit fire from his mouth. Manik Angkeran was scared. He tried to run away. But Dragon Besukih easily caught him. Besuk Angkeran was burned with a fire that came out of Dragon Besukih mouth. His body turned to ashes.

Meanwhile, Sidhimantra who lost his bell followed to Agung Mount. He was sure it was Manik Angkeran who stole it. Arriving at Agung Mount, Sidhimantra saw his son’s body which had turned to ashes. He saw Dragon Besukih wriggling his body and his mouth kept spitting fire.

“What happened to my son?” lamented Sidhimantra. Dragon Besukih told Sidhimantra everything.

“Ohh good Dragon Besukih, will you bring my son back to life? Give him a chance to improve himself,” begged Sidhimantra. Dragon Besukih thought for a while, then replied “Alright. I will bring your son back to life. However, he can’t go home with you. He must stay here and be my disciple. I will educate him to be a good and knowledgeable person.”

“Whatever you do, as long as it makes my son be a good person, then do it,” replied Sidhimantra.

With Dragon Besukih’s magic revived Manik Angkeran. “Forgive me, Father, forgive me Dragon Besukih. I promise not to repeat all my bad behavior Any longer,” said Manik Angkeran.

“We forgive you, my son. But you can’t go home with me. You have to start a new life here with Dragon Besukih who will educate you,” answered Sidhimantra.

Kisah 'Angker' Selat Bali Hingga Bangkai Kapal Tak Pernah Ditemukan, Angin Datang Tiba-Tiba! -

Then Sidhimantra took out a stick and drew a line separating him from his son. Suddenly, from that line came a water that was getting more and more torrential. Agung Mount is separated from its surroundings. The puddle of water is known as the Bali Strait, which separates Bali and Java islands.

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