Four of the Coolest Star Wars Ladies


Star Wars has so many awesome female characters, but this was just a little list of four of the best, including the movies, games, and books.


110 Padme ideas | star wars padme, star wars costumes, padmePadme Amidala

A queen at fourteen, Padme led her planet in the political sector when her term as Queen ended and she became Naboo’s Senator. Her courage and stubborn nature in the face of adversity made her a target for those she stood against, though this served her people well. Though peace was her ultimate goal, her secret marriage to Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker would have the unfortunate consequence of causing both her death and disharmony in the Galaxy. Her children Luke and Leia would continue and achieve her mission of keeping peace in the Galaxy.




Leia Organa - Star Wars - Digital Learning Commons at South Portland High School

Leia Organa

A senator as well as Princess of her home planet of Alderaan, Princess Leia was a large part of the Rebellion and would later go on to become a general in the second iteration of the rebellion, years later. Time would not alter the strong presence Leia had, and once more she became a key part of the light side winning the war. Handy with a gun, quick-witted, and sharp-tongued, Leia inspired a generation of girls. Princess Leia, twin sister to Luke, was adopted by the Organas, friends to her late Mother Padme after her death.





25 Merrin ideas | star wars fallen order, star wars jedi, star wars


A Nightsister of the planet Dathomir, Merrin is the only survivor when General Grevious slaughtered her fellow sisters. She is incredibly powerful and though she spent some of the Jedi Fallen Order game as an antagonist, she soon became an ally. With nothing keeping her on Dathomir, Merrin set out with Cal and the other Mantis crew to see the world, unsure of much outside of her home planet. Though Merrin was fearful and suspicious of Cal Kestis at first, she later used her dark magic to help him multiple times.




Mara Jade

Mara was raised to be at the hand of Emperor Palpatine, committing atrocities at his command, but when he was defeated the force-sensitive Mara became a smuggler, using her piloting and combat skills to excel. Later she would become a Jedi Master when she and Luke Skywalker married, becoming Mara Skywalker and giving birth to a son; Ben. With the additions to the Star Wars lore by Disney in the last couple of years, Mara has been erased from canon, but she is still an important and loved character in the fandom.




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