Four Of The Best Fandom Subscription Boxes


Subscription Crates are a fun way to receive exciting merch, almost like a gift to yourself all year round. In this list are some of the best boxes on the market at the moment, and these four different boxes for four different fandoms, are only a small look at what is available out there. From comics to gaming, and beyond, if you can think of it, there’s bound to be a box for it, so if you need recommendations to get started, look no further than below.




Though LitJoy has a few different subscription boxes, it’s a magical, ‘Harry Potter’ themed box that is the most popular, and for good reason. Though not licensed, this box which is available quarterly or annually is packed full of stunning items. With an option to add on, for even more incredible items. Each new box has a theme, with some of the previous crates including, Legends and Lore, Wizards Tournament, Year 1, and so on. And the artwork on the boxes is absolutely beautiful.

The next box, with the theme Hogwarts Express, is available now and will ship out around July, for USD 54.99 before shipping.



Loot Crate

With a large number of boxes to choose from, including Anime, Gaming, Horror, and more, a good option to go with is the Loot Crate DX. This box lets buyers get a taste of everything, with an assortment of merch from a range of different franchises, there is a lot to love in these large boxes.

The current box is Jurassic World themed, and USD 74.99, including shipping.



Bibbidi Boxes Case Study - CompanyBoxBibbidi

A Disney-themed box for the fans among us. With a range of different boxes priced between $300 and $10, there is a box for everyone. The Fantasy Box, the most popular of their Disney crates, is a good place to start; take a small quiz to hone what you will receive and decide whether your box is geared more toward boys, girls, or both, before specifying who this box is for; adult or child. And even better, there’s a preference portal where you can get even more in-depth on what you like.

This is a monthly subscription box, however, this is easily canceled should you need to skip a box. The Fantasy Box is USD 59 not including shipping.



Smugglers Crate - The Star Wars Subscription Box | CratejoyCrate Joy

The Smugglers Crate, one of the few Star Wars subscription boxes that are around, this crate is packed full of quality items. There is a mix of licensed items and independent art here meaning that you could find pop funkos beside something entirely special and unique. This monthly box is not one you need worry you’ll grow bored of, with a vast collection of merch to receive, you could get anything, from clothing and art to figures and more.

The Smugglers Crate is USD 37.95 before shipping, and if you use code SKYWALKER at checkout you can receive a special discount.

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