Four Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know Salt Gives The Bod

I have often heard people talk about the “so-called evil of salt.” Usually, I just look on in astonishment when I hear these mythical statements like salt are out to kill you and you shouldn’t eat any of it. Yes! Eating too much salt isn’t good for the body and is discouraged, but the belief that salt is harmful to the body and dangerous to health is false. On the contrary, salt has wonderful benefits that it gives to the body when consumed in the right proportions. The American Heart Association recommends a daily intake of no more than 2,300 milligrams of salt and an ideal limit of 1,500 mg for adults.


The following are the health benefits of adding salt to your diet:


  1. It promotes good vascular health. This might be surprising but it is true. When it comes to sea salt specifically, eating salt helps to strengthen the heart against diseases. It is important to note that this particular benefit is offered solely by sea salt. Sea salt is different from table salt and is not as beneficial because it lacks minerals.
  2. It keeps you hydrated. The body needs to maintain a fragile balance between sodium and potassium to be well hydrated. Sea salt like Celtic or pink Himalayan contains both sodium and potassium. This is why it is great to keep the body hydrated as it’ll help balance your potassium and sodium levels naturally.
  3. It improves sleep. Swap your table salts for sea salts and see the difference. Sea salts contain many electrolytes that help regulate the body’s hormones. Hence, you have a better sleep.
  4. It gives you a better nervous system. The water of your nervous system needs salt for electrical conduction to transmit nervous system signals. Also, the nervous system requires well-regulated water flow throughout the body. The sodium in salt helps to achieve this.



We all know the importance of salt in providing taste and flavor to our meals. Therefore, it is a shame to be told not to use salt. Now, you can tell your friends that salt has a lot of health benefits to offer. Remember to inform them that using sea salt instead will provide them with full access to these benefits.

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