Former Japanese Princess Leaves Country to Live in US with Her Husband

A Japanese princess who has relinquished her royal status to marry a commoner, arrives in New York, United States, on Sunday (14/11).

The decision to leave Japan was taken after the two got married. Many parties in Japan have criticized the relationship between the two of them.

The departure of Mako Komuro, Mako’s former daughter, and Kei Komuro, both of whom are 30 years old, from their country was broadcast live by major Japanese media. They were seen boarding a plane at Haneda Airport, Tokyo.

Photos published online show that the couple had arrived at New York’s JFK Airport on Sunday (14/11).

Other Japanese princesses have married commoners and left the imperial court.

But Mako is the only daughter who has received widespread public scrutiny for her decision to marry a commoner, which has sparked reactions on social media and local tabloids in Japan over her relationship with her husband.

Mako loses royal status under the Imperial Law which only allows men to be the successor to the royal throne.

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