Food Block Party “Break the Block” is Coming to Dubai!


The best thing since sliced bread comes in a whole block.


Prepare yourself for an unprecedented sensory experience at Break the Block, a one-of-a-kind street food block party coming to Dubai Design District this Friday, May 13th, and Saturday, May 14th. With this unique street food event, Brag and its stellar team of event producers will transport you to the heart of Dubai Design District (d3) for two consecutive nights of remarkable gastronomy, live music performances, and freestyle acts, all set against the backdrop of some of Dubai’s most stunning architecture.


DJ Kaboo, DJLiutik, and Mckie Alvarez to perform at Break the Block

Break the Block is a one-of-a-kind culinary event inspired by street culture and world cuisine. Attendees will be able to immerse themselves in a street food block party unlike any other as they explore a variety of culinary choices thanks to over twenty vendors and restaurants chosen to deliver a unique gourmet experience. With a dynamic mix of vendors and cultural performers, this street food festival puts a unique, freestyle spin on the typical food truck model, transforming the Dubai Design District into a one-of-a-kind celebration.



The spontaneity, genuineness, and diversity of street cuisine appeal to many people. Break the Block was formed out of a desire to capture the essence of what’s popular on the streets of your city, bringing together a diverse group of local and international food vendors with a flair for creativity. It’s a sensory overload, complete with imaginative attractions and specialist vendors.


Come on, then. Join us in the heart of Dubai’s design district for the one-of-a-kind foodie experience: Break the Block.

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