Flappy Dragon: The Flappy Bird of 2022


If you were a teenager or older in the early 2010s, you will undoubtedly remember the mobile game Flappy Bird. Released in the summer of 2013, Flappy Bird was an app where the player had to guide a cartoon bird through a simple obstacle course by tapping the screen. The green pipes that consisted of the obstacles got closer together the further the bird progressed, making it harder for the player to beat.


Flappy Bird was removed from app stores in early 2014 by the creator, as they disliked how popular and addictive the game had become. This caused people with the app still downloaded to their devices to sell them for ridiculously marked-up prices, and there was a huge hype around still having access to the game.


Whilst the original app never made it back into app stores, there are now several versions of the game you can play in 2022. One version is aptly named Flappy Dragon. The concept remains the same, however, there are some key differences between the two.


Flappy Dragon boasts several different settings within the game such as a beach/pirate ship, an underwater ‘Atlantis’, and an Egyptian theme, and each has a unique backing soundtrack. Flappy Bird only had the one setting and no backing tracks.


Flappy Dragon also has various power-ups that aid the player to get further into the game, as well as the chance to collect and hatch different dragon eggs to unlock new dragons to play as. There are many different dragons to unlock, each with its unique strength, and multiple hatchings of a single dragon-type upgrade its strength. In contrast, Flappy Bird only had one character available and there were no power-ups on offer.


In the 2022 app, you can also ‘devour’ aristocrats and earn crowns, with which you can buy eggs, crack open eggs before their timer runs out, and buy more nests to hatch the eggs in. Each egg has a set amount of time taken to hatch, for example, a common egg takes an hour whereas a fairy egg takes 12 hours.


If you miss the days of Flappy Bird and want to try this new upgraded version, Flappy Dragon is available to download for free on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

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