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Five YouTube Channels to Help You Find Worth-Reading Books

Everyone encourages to read books, but not everyone reads books, or at least not everyone reads books persistently.  

It is quite important to pick a good book when it is the first time you read, or else you might never like reading.   

I was lucky to find such a good platform like YouTube and saw a bunch of book recommendations videos by booktubers. Personally, booktubers, the ones who read a ton of books and recommend the best of the best books on their channels, were my first and foremost guides when I first dived into reading books.  

Here are the five best YouTube channels for you if you want to dive into reading and build a habit of a typical avid reader.  


The channel builder is Jananie. She is quite a passionate reader, who has an excellent skill in describing a summary of books without spoiling anything.   

A lot of genres can be heard from her; fantasy, contemporary, historical fiction, romance, young adult, and middle grade as well.   

There is an update for every month, which means that the books she recommends match the time and season. New releases and popular books among booktokers and bookstagrams are sometimes talked over.   

Take a look at one of her videos and pick a book that meets your taste. If you like her channel, don’t forget to check out her other platforms like Instagram and Twitter.  


Regan’s channel talks more about fantasy and sci-fi than any other genre. Her ways of explaining books are so all-inclusive, but of course with no spoilers, that you will definitely pick at least one of her recommended books after you watch her videos.  

Besides, as English is my second language, I watch her channel when I want to improve my listening skills because her accent is so good and smooth that I never get bored when I listen to her. For me, it is like filling two needs with one deed.  

Steph Bohrer  

If you like the ‘handsome boys with cute girls’ theme, fake dating, enemy to lovers, best friends to lovers, and some spicy romance, you should totally check out Steph’s channel. She has a tone of romance books with all the above-mentioned themes on her bookshelf.   

The way she talks about books is so carefree, and even me, who doesn’t really believe in romance, wants to pick her recommended books and dream in a romantic world.   

She is absolutely a Colleen Hoover fan. Hoover’s books are beyond worth reading. I recently picked “It Ends With Us”, which was recommended by Steph, and I instantly fell in love with the book.   

Morgan Alison Stewart  

Morgan’s favorite genre seems to be horror. If you visit her channel, most of the books you will find will be Stephan King’s books.   

For more information, a well-known horror movie “It” is based on Stephan King’s It (novel) written in 1986. My personal favorite is “If It Bleeds” by him.  

Of course, there is not only Stephan King but also other books, which she recommends, and I love watching her videos. If you love a theme like “It”, you should definitely check out her channel and pick the books she recommended because there are many other books better than It.  

Jack Edwards  

Jack talks about every type of genre. But from my view, most of the books I pick from his videos are usually full of tragedy, mystery, and life lessons.   

His British accent is what takes me to the end of his video. Of course, it is also his way of presenting the books, which is so funny and lovely. His videos always manage to make me pick at least two books.  

I love all of his books on his bookshelf, which are written so perfectly. Also, lately, his videos talk about books read by celebrities. Go and check out his channel and you will see what I mean by that.   


There are many booktubers on YouTube, but all the above-mentioned are my personal favorite. They have different styles but with a common passion, which is reading and recommending. Watching their videos will undoubtedly help you find the best books out of a million books. the bottom triangle to expand this area.

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