Five Ways To Tell If Your Cat Is Unwell


Cats are animals that can hide their afflictions very well. They often downplay any illness or injury unless it is serious or plain impossible to. When you are a cat owner, you worry that anything out of the ordinary is something serious.


So, how do you know when you should take your cat to the vet?


1) Vomiting –

If the cat is vomiting repeatedly, it could indicate that there is something stuck in their digestive system like a hairball or a foreign object, or that they have eaten something they shouldn’t have and picked up a tummy bug. If the cat only vomits once or twice with no other symptoms, then it is probably safe to leave them be.


2) Not going to the toilet or going too often –

Another potential sign of a more serious digestive problem is if your cat either goes to the toilet more than the norm or not at all. Give it 24 hours and see if symptoms resolve before seeking medical advice unless it is accompanied by other symptoms on this list such as no appetite or vomiting.


3) No too little appetite –

Cats tend to love their food, so it can be a concern when they refuse to eat. If a cat has gone more than 24 hours without food, contact your vet even if there are no other presenting symptoms. If it has been 6-12 hours and has accompanying symptoms, contact them right away.


4) Lack of grooming –

If your cat has suddenly stopped grooming itself for some time, it could be a sign that there’s something wrong. Some cats groom less than others, so it is important to look for anything less than their usual habit.


5) Lethargy –

Cats love to roam around and play with anything they can get their paws on, especially kittens or adolescent cats. If your cat starts to sleep a lot, isn’t interested in playing when they usually are or refuse to go outside if they usually do, it can be a symptom of an illness.


Call your vet for proper medical advice, but do look out for the above symptoms and help ensure that your cat stays fit and well for as long as possible. 

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