Five Shows Cancelled Before Their Time


Some tv shows deserve to be canned. For example, shows with multiple nonsensical seasons that get further and further from the source material every year, and who just weeks ago finally announced the end was coming. If you know, you know. But some shows, entirely unfairly, get cut short. So here’s a list of very different, but good shows that you might want to try out.


Listen to Netflix's Julie and the Phantoms Soundtrack | POPSUGAR EntertainmentJulie and the Phantoms

When Julie finds a band of teenage ghosts in her garage, it proves to be the push she needs to get back into music, but other problems are brewing for the new friends, both inside and outside of the spirit world. An instant hit, Kenny Ortegas Netflix show received rave reviews, but after the success of the first season, its fate hung in the balance for a long time before Netflix axed the show. While this isn’t a surprise, as Netflix is known for dropping shows almost randomly, it is a surprise it hasn’t managed to be picked up by another studio. Julie and the Phantoms only got one season before being canceled.



Bryan Fuller Suggests A 'Pushing Daisies' Revival To Replace 'Roseanne'

Pushing Daisies

A wonderful power can also be a terrible curse in this quirky show about Ned, a pie maker who can bring the dead back to life with a touch, and take it away just as easily. Joined by the resurrected woman he loves, they help a detective solve his cases using Ned’s powers. Whimsical, funny, and binge-able, Pushing Daisys had two seasons before it got the chop, though its short run time didn’t stop it from becoming popular in the years after.



 How to Love the Veronica Mars Movie Even if You Never Saw the Show | WIREDVeronica Mars

After the death of her best friend alters her life, high school detective Veronica takes on the shady and corrupt in her town. The show was extremely popular, in part because of the snarky lead played by Kristen Bell, but also because the relationships and friendships in Veronica Mars were interesting and touching in equal parts. Thankfully, years later, this tv show got green-lit for a film, though while it was good, it didn’t capture quite the same charm as the tv show and ultimately disappointed many, earning derision from longtime fans for the twist ending.



Exclusive: Swamp Thing Live-Action Project In DevelopmentSwamp Thing

Based on the superhero from DC comics, this horror show follows Abby, a CDC doctor, who has returned to her hometown to look into a sudden influx of disease in the area. When her new friend, a disgraced scientist, is killed in a cover-up, she discovers that he’s not all dead, having become something else; the titular Swamp Thing. Before it could get started, DC announced that their newest show had been canceled, getting only one short season and scaring away many potential fans.



Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' underage orgy scene on Netflix marks 'troubling trend,' critics say | Fox NewsChilling Adventures of Sabrina

In a sharp juxtaposition to its sister show, Riverdale, Sabrina got unfairly axed at the height of its fame for reasons never really explained. Sabrina was a fresh take on the friendly witch, in a darker show than its predecessor, with revised themes for a new generation of viewers. In a coming-of-age story, Sabrina must learn to balance the life she’s always had, as a mortal with her equally mortal friends, her magic side, and the new friends that bring. But neither runs smoothly for the teenage witch as evil forces set out to destroy everything she loves. Sabrina got two seasons, split into four parts before it reached the end of its life.

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