Five Office Gadgets You Must Have

The past two years have given us all a new appreciation for our office space; our desks have become integral places of both work AND play. These are just some of the gadgets that can enhance the desk-using experience:


Bluetooth Typewriter Keyboard

I have one of these kinds of keyboard myself; mine’s wired, though. This is the perfect accessory for not just old-school writers, but also lovers of anything vintage. This gives you the feel of using a typewriter without the headache of trying to figure out ink ribbons.


The Robocall Blocker

Robocall Blocker - Hammacher Schlemmer

I’m dependent on my cellphone and probably couldn’t use this, but I wish I could; I fully support its use on landlines and any other compatible systems. Between personal phone calls and my work as a telephone interviewer, robocalls have become particularly; I, therefore, consider any device that screens out robocalls to be a definite plus.


Henry Desk Top Vac

I don’t know about other people, but most of my day is spent at my desk. This also includes eating; since I live in a bachelor’s apartment, I don’t have room for a table. The thing is, doing everything at my desk means that my desk tends to get messy. Therefore, a desktop vacuum is something I could get behind; it would quickly get rid of crumbs and other detritus to ensure that I have a tidy workspace.


Soothing Atomizer Eye Massager

Soothing Atomizer Eye Massager image

If you’re like me. You probably spend way too much time at your desk, staring either at documents or at a computer screen. This means your eyes get sore; however, between ink stains and food residue, it’s probably not a good idea to rub your eyes with your hands. Why not use an eye massager like this one> It applies warmth to your eyes to soothe them; it can also spray distilled water or maybe an eye serum for extra pampering.


Webcam Cover

Webcam Cover image

Particularly during the last two years, working from home has involved a lot of video calls. However, we don’t always want to be seen; that’s why this webcam cover is so useful. Just slide it over to cover the camera and conceal yourself from any prying eyes.

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