Five Hidden Gems in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Museum


Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been out for a couple of years now, but there are some hidden features that even the most avid player may not know about.


These features appear in various buildings and locations around your island, however, today we will focus on hidden gems in the Museum.


The Museum is run by Blathers, an intelligent owl with a phobia of bugs, and he is likely the one who inspired the interior design of the place, barring Brewster’s cafe. There are a wealth of discoveries to be made within the exhibits, so let’s get started!


1) The mysterious door.

If you enter the fossil exhibit and go to the room with the woolly mammoth, go up the right-hand staircase and at the top, you will see a cordoned-off door that is inaccessible to the player. It is unknown whether the door will serve a future purpose in a planned update or if it is just a cool design feature, however, it is a small thing that not many will notice.


2) The wonder of evolution.

In the same room as the above, there is a mural of shadowed outlines of Animal Crossing characters above the fossils, all with decorative lines leading down to them. However, if you look closely, you will see that there is a blank space next to the outline of the monkey.


Place your character in that space and a spotlight will appear, insinuating that they/you are next in the line of evolution!


3) Watch out for the piranha!

If you have caught a piranha and have donated it to the museum, you can go to visit it along with all the other donations in the aquarium. The piranha stands out because it is one of the few donated animals that will interact with your character.


Stand in front of the tank where it is and wait for it to swim past. Once it notices your character, it will attempt to bite them through the glass!


4) The rather macabre dinosaur exhibit.

If you like the dinosaur exhibit, you may have noticed the rather darkly comedic design featured around the fossils. The design includes an interactive display of the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs placed next to the entrance to the next room, as well as a replica of said meteorite hung up in the far left corner of the room.


For the clearest view, stand in the blue circle next to the Diplodocus and the camera angle will change so you can see the faux meteorite looking almost ready to strike the unsuspecting dinosaurs for a second time.


5) Submarine photo opportunity.

Finally, in the aquarium, there is a statue of a diver and a submarine next to the tank containing creatures such as the Venus’ Flower Basket, the Oarfish, and the Football Fish. At first, it seems like a simple design feature.


However, if you move to stand next to the diver, the camera angle will shift so you have the perfect opportunity to take a picture with your character in a unique place.



Have you learned something new about the Museum from this article? Let us know if you have, and whether you have spotted these or any other hidden gem not listed.

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