Five Flowers That Are Safe Around Dogs

Buying flowers is a common thing that people do to decorate and brighten up a room. Many have their favourite flowers in a beautiful bouquet in pride of place on their windowsill or fireplace. Others enjoy keeping flowering plants as a hobby and to help their mental health.

However, this can be a dangerous thing to do if you have dogs in the house. Many flowers are toxic to animals if they are accidentally ingested, and if it isn’t possible to keep toxic flowers away from your dog, you should consider getting a safe alternative as a definite way to ensure their safety.


Below are five excellent alternatives you can use to make a pet-friendly bouquet:

1) Roses

Roses are safe for pets as they have no toxins known to make them ill if they were accidentally ingested. They are versatile flowers that are available in many different colours and are very popular as a classic bloom.


2) Sunflowers

Sunflowers have long been a favourite for their bright colour and cheerful air. They are fairly easy to grow at home and are perfect for a mild climate. Their seeds can be eaten by humans and are safe for dogs in small amounts.


3) Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is alternatively known as the Peruvian Lily and though lilies are notoriously toxic to animals, this is one variant that isn’t. This makes it a lovely alternative for lily lovers and is available in several colours.


4) Orchids

Orchids are a low-maintenance plant perfect for busy dog owners who want to brighten up a room. They are safe around dogs and come in many colours, so you can easily match the petals to your home decor.


5) Asters

Asters, otherwise known as the birth flower for September, are purple flowers that are reminiscent of the daisy. They are non-toxic and would be perfect for those pet owners with September birthdays or who love the colour purple.


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