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Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE

As expected the result! ?

A writer who loves “Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” (hereafter, “Hokuto Revive”) earnestly enjoys “Hokuto Revive” and spells out his feelings at the end of the century column.

This time, which is the 20th time, we will challenge the new specification of the mystery book gacha and give feedback on what we were interested in.

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Various measures in progress

First of all, just a little bit of recent things.
Since then, I’ve safely gotten “Souther Ougai, the road to a true successor” at the virtual ceiling. It was pretty serious, and it only flashed about 2 times until 60 times… What’s going on?
You can’t get the secret manual, and your fist speed increases just a little bit, so it’s just for show.
But “Souther Ougai, the path to a true successor” is strong. Up until the other day, they were consistently ranked 5th and 6th, but they have dropped to around 30th, but they can’t start unless they rebuild their tactics.


▲ I’m reflecting on the move of the writer disqualified class.

Judol Lotto, Celestial Stone Lotto, Facility Contribution, and Training Ground have been added to Meteor Decoding. As a result, the free cooldown of Judol Gacha is virtually eliminated.
As for the guild, only receiving bonuses in union missions is manual.


▲ You can set the contribution destination by tapping the facility contribution gear. Check each guild policy and confirm the settings!

“Hokuto Revive” is in the midst of its 3.5th anniversary, and various measures are being implemented.
For new users, a ★5 (UR) fighter selection box pack is also sold, and for 1,500 stones you can purchase fiendish Fudo, Juza (Kuroh Gou), Majin Jukei, Yuria, noble eyes, and Shu, eyes entrusted to the future. You can select from It is discharged at ★5, and comes with a class upgrade set and stamina 3000.
Although it is designed for new users, the price of 1500 koku for a fee has a relatively high impact (because more than half of the value packs are free), so if anything, it is more of an existing micro-payment user. It feels like a pretty delicious content.
Since the period is long, I would like to buy Yuria’s ★ when the stone is ready. It will be active for a while in Tengai.

Another measure is the “3.5th anniversary thank you gacha”. The ejected fighters are the same as the lineup of the ★5 (UR) fighter selection box pack above. It looks like a food gacha, but the actual food frame is about half. The number of times when it comes out is increasing by that amount, and the gambling property is higher than the normal food gacha.(*This gacha has ended.)


▲In the case of the author, both the trigger and the trigger are in such a state, so I would like this system to be discharged other than food. Half is good, but I’ll ask for the anniversary!

Stones that have decreased to about 25000 are restored to about 43000 by the power of charging.


▲It’s definitely not enough.

The back hand there.


Commemorative box for joining the new fist that was saved as a hesokuri. I really didn’t want to use it, but I can’t replace it with completing the Hyakuretsu Challenge. Let’s open the 498 boxes at once.


▲ 5040 results. It’s roughly x10. For those who can’t save stones, how about a savings box to commemorate the participation of a new fighter?


Challenge the secret book gacha

Challenge the mystery book gacha immediately.
First, exchange the Mystery Book Exchange Medal for a Mystery Book Gacha Ticket.


▲ Let’s leave only one as a souvenir. Thank you for your hard work, secret book exchange medals!

Here is the top screen.


Select any secret book gacha from the left tab. Single-shot and 10-shot are prepared, and there are no special merits such as 10-shot stones or probability. If you don’t mind the hassle, there’s no problem with a single shot.
The probability of the secret book is 0.7%, and the secret book gauge rises each time it is turned. It becomes a full gauge with 200 consecutive, and the mystery book is confirmed. When the secret book comes out, the secret book gauge is reset.

First of all, try turning it with a secret book gacha ticket.


This is what the by-product looks like. You can see that the secret book gauge at the top has risen by 10 because it has been 10 times.
As a matter of course, I didn’t get out of the ticket, so I continued until I got out!


▲ Reached 100. Does not appear···. Since it is 10 consecutive 1200 stones, the stones melt at high speed.


▲Ahhhh, the stone. Trembling!


▲ Then, at the 170th line, the secret technique book effect turns red! ?


▲ I got it in the 3rd row out of 10, so the Secret Technique Gauge was reset there. Furthermore, you can see that the gauge for the surplus 7 stations is rising. I’ve gone with the notification example.

So it was decided to get it in the 173rd row.

Check here for detailed specifications.
▼ Inquiries about “Mystery Book Gacha” (official site)

give feedback

First of all, it is really wonderful to have a ceiling. This time I had to do 170 times in a row, but the fact that I could actually see 200 times was a big help mentally. Thank you very much for being here.
10 consecutive 1200 koku would be quite a painful expense, but one consecutive 120 koku would be easy to turn around. In my case, it’s a daily routine to use 880 stones a day, so it would be interesting to aim for this every day, especially if it’s a gacha on the 30th. I will end up doing it). I don’t think it’s bad that I can now do something that I couldn’t do before, such as breaking through the secret manual with 120 stone.
Since it is said that it will be improved by receiving feedback, I would like to raise the points that I was interested in from the following. Please note that this is just my personal opinion.

This time, I was able to get the first Secret Technique Manual on the 173rd line. 20760 when converted to stones. Of these, there were 5160 stones worth of tickets, so the actual number of stones used was 15600.
20760 stones is about 35 boxes in black box conversion. Based on the author’s pull, I feel like this is what it is…

To be honest, it feels pretty tough.Let’s consider the cause.

●Is the use of stones too concentrated?
Until now, the stones that I used to use little by little while opening the dark box and doing half-price challenges were instantly used in the mystery book gacha, so even if I used the same stones, the difficulty was visualized. Isn’t it? It looks like a gacha, and the 10 consecutive 1200 stone gacha is the second most expensive gacha after the Goshadama and Jibodama gachas. It’s not essential to spin the Goshadama/Jibodama gacha, and the reason is different. Most users have never experienced stone melting at this rate, so I feel like they’re going to be taken aback.

This shouldn’t be a problem if the part of “opening the dark box little by little” is replaced with “collecting tickets little by little” in the future.Depends on ticket distribution. This time, I had almost no tickets and turned the stone with my strong arm, so it’s possible that this kind of play cycle wasn’t actually planned? I would like to ask you to kindly distribute the tickets.

A sense of wasted effort that does not lead to the next
This time, I won 35 of the black boxes, but if it was a black box, I think I would have gotten a certain amount of Secret Tech Book Exchange Medals from 35 boxes in addition to the 200 that I won. Isn’t there an alternative part this time? Or it’s hard to understand, so I feel like it’s spurring the feeling of wasted effort when resetting. because there’s nothing leftEven if you take a lot of damage, I want you to regain the feeling of being connected next time.

– Stop when you draw a secret book
As I was concerned about in the previous column, even if you pull out multiple Secret Tech Manuals with 10 draws, it won’t stop. In terms of probability, I thought that 10 in a row would not be a problem when aiming for the first one, but when I actually tried it, aiming for the second one after resetting is a state where I have a lot of leeway in terms of resources and mentality. I can’t do it otherwise. In fact, in the author’s case this time, about 840 stones worth of 7 runs were wasted (although there are by-products). This becomes even more severe when aiming for the second shot, and you have to turn it in a single shot, so I still want a setting that stops when the secret manual comes out. Thinking about spinning 173 times in a single shot, the feeling of wasted effort would have been overwhelming, and the harshness of the experience would have been even more pronounced. It just puts a strain on the server.

However, it seems that a separate system will be required to return the stones after the 10 consecutive lottery, and it is forbidden to draw lots before consuming the stones.IfI want some kind of relief for those who have at least the 3rd mystery bookBy the way. It’s not the user’s fault that the value corresponding to the third secret manual and beyond cannot be guaranteed.

Trying it for the first time this time, the stone you are using shouldn’t have changed much, but is it a lot of mental damage? Isn’t it surpassing the sense of security that comes with the ceiling? And I thought that this was unexpected for the management, so I tried to summarize the points that caught my attention. Let me turn this into feedback.

We would like to improve the situation after this switch, referring to everyone’s opinions, so why don’t you give us feedback on what you felt this time?

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Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE

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