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How is the performance of the camped infrastructure fist!? ?

A writer who loves “Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE” (hereafter, “Hokuto Revive”) earnestly enjoys “Hokuto Revive” and spells out his feelings at the end of the century column.

This time, the 17th, we will review Raoh’s “Oath to the Homeland” that appeared on February 28th.

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Performance confirmation of “Raoh, Oath to Homeland”

“Raoh Oath to Homeland” (hereafter, New Raoh) that appeared as a ranking gacha in February. Since he’s in charge, he’s a so-called Infra Kenshi, and he’s a new Kenshi that many Revivers seem to have.

● Formation effect
The conditions for starting the formation are[Survival of 3 or more Allied Fighters].Kaioh What are the conditions for activating the formation of the evil beast?[Survival of 3 or more allied fighters including yourself]So, in Raoh’s case, it looks like he didn’t count himself. In any case, there are no secrets or type restrictions. The effect is to increase the HP of all allies by 120%, reduce damage, deadly damage, secret technique damage, C damage, and additional damage reduction for 4 turns.

– Anti-Shura no Kuni Kenshi
In the new Raoh, the enemy can receive a large buff to the Fighter of the Land of Shura.

・Increase 15 levels of Legend to yourself when there is a Shura no Kuni Kenshi.
Kaioh Evil BeastIf there is, “protection of the fighting god” 3 stages
Leopard Awakened Soke BloodIf there is, “protection of the fighting god” 3 stages
Genie JukeiIf there is, “protection of the fighting god” 3 stages

What is this “protection of the fighting gods”?
It cannot coexist with “Magic Toki Kai”, and is consumed in the order of Prediction > Shield or Magic Toki > Fighting God’s Protection. It’s possible to coexist with Armor Kaioh’s magical fighting spirit.

●Follow-up performance
One of Shin Raoh’s big selling points is the barrage of secret techniques. The number of additional attacks is given, and the number of stages of protection of the fighting god is obtained. The difference from Rinrei is that this cannot be carried over to the next turn. The target of the follow-up attack is one random enemy Fighter in the back row. Of course, the presence or absence of fighting spirit is irrelevant.


▲ Direct attacks to the back row are intense. The body type also has a special attack buff.

The Legend of Raoh
When the legend reaches 30th stage in the newly appeared state, consume it and become Raoh Legendary state for 1 turn. The passive effect is a 100% increase in attack power and mystery damage, but the benefits are not limited to this, with the added bonus that additional damage occurs in the mystery, and special guards and special guards are impossible.

Anyway, let’s assume that this turn will be insanely strong. The fact that Raoh is in Legendary state is displayed on the screen as well.


▲Wearing a red aura signals the legend of Raoh. This is cool.

●Range change
The range of the mystery is basically single, but changes to a full-range attack when the total number of “breaking” given to the enemy is 5 or more. This “Breakdown” can be given by a mystery, a special death, and one’s own stoppage.

Confirm status abnormality resistance (after releasing meridians)
Nullification when appearing: Freezing, Stunning, Paralysis, Demon Raibin, Provocation, HP Nullification, Magical Freeze, Conflagration, Fighting Spirit Decrease
2 turns when appearing: Special Seal/Silence/Meridian Seal
Special for 1 turn: Special Seal/Silence/Meridian Seal

new raoh review

First of all, there is no doubt about strength. He’s just like Raoh, and he’s a powerful fist even if you subtract the fact that he’s in charge. Kaioh, who has the same camp, has lost its formation effect, but on my server, the organization rate of the top-ranking camp remains at 50%. However, there is a disadvantage that the new Raoh will be greatly strengthened just by having Kaioh as an opponent, so from now on it will likely be the first candidate to fall out. In other words, it was heavily metabolized by New Raoh.

The author himself is still in the formation, but depending on the next Kenshi, it may be removed.

Perhaps because I’ve become accustomed to Kasumi’s damage, the damage numbers of my secret techniques seem modest, but in reality, it deals a lot of damage due to the series of attacks in the back row in the pursuit, and the overall damage (mainly stopping and scraping), and this is Kasumi. It is also the trigger for raising the fighting spirit, so it is a fighter optimized for the current environment. However, it is only the beginning that there are many troubles in pursuit.

And even if you place him in the front row due to his tremendous endurance, there are cases where the new Raoh survives until the end, surpassing the body type. Since it has the ability to grant the protection of the Fighting God to the fighters in the back row other than itself, the new Raoh will inevitably be used in the front row, but it seems that there is no problem with the front row formation here. (There is also a possibility that the capture progresses and it becomes a back row user)

▲ Raoh is organized in the front row on the left and in the back row on the right. If the new Raoh is in the back row, you will lose the protection of one Fighting God.

As you can see from the protection performance of this fighting god, the new Raoh’s talisman should be red and green. I want to increase my HP as much as possible. Attackers that have a large impact on HP are troublesome, and normally you only need to train the insignia, but shoulders, arms, legs, and marks are all useful, so if you try to train them, the cost is ridiculous. This is a matter of budget and consultation, but the more you add to it, the greater the impact it will have on the party.

As a Front Row Fighter, it also has meaning in the 6th stage of Seven Star Liberation, and this new Raoh will not only be self-satisfied as long as you cultivate it, including the spirit, but will return it as a practical benefit. . I think it’s rare to find a Kenshi with such a real feeling of training, so it’s worth taking the plunge and throwing in resources. However, when initializing in a few months, the cost required is also amazing, so I would like to be prepared for that. I’ll do my best as long as I’m a kenshi who can use it for at least a year, but… it’s not that often these days.

Perfect as an attacker, as a wall player, and as a support for the back row. It is also the best partner for Kasumi, and the rewarding training is first-class. There are no demerits in the formation, and it is a super strong fighter of the 3.5th anniversary without any doubt.

new raoh environment

In terms of the environment, the advantage of fist speed is increasing due to the increased damage that can be delivered in one turn. In this regard, it is not something that can be done by giving food to the new fighter at that time with a burnt blade, so it is important to use stones systematically and choose gachas on a daily basis. This is a self-discipline, but users who usually don’t care about fist speed may want to take this opportunity to think a little.

Speed ​​isn’t just an advantage or disadvantage, it’s a part that is directly connected to the enjoyment of simply thinking about formations because the variations that can be formed are completely different depending on whether you attack first or second. For example, if you put Kaioh in the current situation, you will suffer a big disadvantage, but if you go first, you will be able to secure an advantage that will wipe out that disadvantage, so you can continue the formation and continue to receive the benefits of lowering the fighting spirit with a special move. can be done. If you organize the back row with two bodies, Kasumi and Departure, it is dangerous because the follow-up attacks of the new Raoh will concentrate on Kasumi after the detachment.

However, if the premise is to be able to sharpen the defense of the fighting god in the first attack, it is relatively possible. If the fist speed is low, it will be a process of elimination that you can’t do that, but if the fist speed increases, that will change completely, so it’s an area that I want to continue working on as Hokuto Reviver.

The Nanto forces, including Rei, were most affected by this new Raoh environment. As the firepower became fierce, Rei’s place holding decreased. Of course, the Kenshi who relied on Nantokyokuseijin for their endurance were dragged out of the match.

Among them, Shin Jagi cannot survive in this environment without Rei, and is a fist who has hardly been seen even with his spirit. In that sense, there is a demand for new fighters who can stably endure at least 5 turns. Shin Jagi is swallowed by the environment before the implementation of super awakening, which is an unusual situation even in recent times, but will there be a reinstatement due to super awakening? I would like to pay attention to whether it will be rescued by the appearance of further Nanto Kenshi. This is not the time to smile.


▲ In the case of the author, the number of secret techniques shot on the first turn is a total of 15 times, including Kasumi’s 3 times. With the appearance of the new Raoh, the firepower has greatly increased.

As for Juuza, he will be withdrawing, so there is no problem at present. I wondered what would happen to Hart, but depending on the fighters in the organization, he could become either Hokuto, Nanto, Seito, or a Kenpo user, or all of them. It seems that he will live stubbornly.

Nonetheless, there is little meaning in thinking about the optimal organization now. This is because it seems that everyone will not change the situation of being in this new Raoh environment and currently just trying to make ends meet with their own hands. In order to adapt to this new environment, it is important to decide what to do with the next Kenshi.

Why don’t you find out the pieces that are lacking in yourself now?

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Fist of the North Star LEGENDS ReVIVE

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